Accommodation: How do I add overnight travel

Adding overnight travel is a feature designed for use when clients are taking overnight flights or transport where there is no accommodation provided. This feature enables you to add routing and ensure that the dates on your itinerary are correct.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Adding Overnight Travel
Adding the Routing for Overnight Travel

Getting Started

To add 'Overnight Travel' to your itinerary, you will need to be in the Accommodation step of your itinerary builder.

Adding Overnight Travel

When opening your Accommodation Step, enter the dates of travel (if you have them). Just below the dates, click on 'Overnight Travel' to insert this into your itinerary. 

Note: This function is not only for use with flights. The same logic applies to any kind of overnight travel that is not linked to an accommodation. 

Once you have added the number of nights for your Overnight Travel correctly, you can add other details like basis.

Note: The Blue Plus sign allows you to add accommodation, components, own arrangements or overnight flights between each service. 

Adding the Routing for Overnight Travel

If you only added 2 nights of Overnight Travel to your Itinerary, you will see that Day 1 and Day 3 have their own sections for transport and there is a separate section for the Overnight Travel.

Wetu Suggests: We recommend that you start building the 'Overnight Travel' routes first and then building any additional routes before and after the overnight leg of the journey. 

In the Overnight leg of the journey, you will need to add in a Start and End location (this will mostly be your arrival and departure airports for Overnight Flights) for this portion of the trip. 

Should you have a multi-stop flight, you can add additional stops along the way by clicking on the 'blue plus' button. In the below example we are travelling from London (LHR) to Cape Town (CPT) via Dubai (DXB).

Now that the Overnight route has been built, you will need to update the transport details and match up the dates to the correct leg of the journey

Now you can continue building the rest of the routes for this itinerary. Click here to get access to some user guides on how to use the Route Builder to add different types of transport to your trip. 


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