Connecting Tourplan and Wetu

This article will help you to connect Wetu and Tourplan.

Note: To use this function, you need to have a Wetu account with access to Digital Itineraries andan existing Tourplan account. 

In this article:
Getting Started
Reviewing your Tourplan details 
Connecting your Agents' Tourplan to Wetu
Wetu / Tourplan Connector Overview

Getting Started

For Tourplan and Wetu to connect, you need to request the following details from Tourplan:

  1. Tourplan Connect Url (Host Connect Url)
  2. Tourplan Username
  3. Tourplan Password

These details need to be emailed to Wetu and we will make the connection for you. 

Additionally, you will need to ask Tourplan to enable access to your Tourplan system. Our IP Address is: Please ask Tourplan to provide an "open" classes file (this allows access to both your normal bookings and any agent bookings) for your live system.

Reviewing your Tourplan details

Once the connection has been made, you will be able to see what details are used for the connection though your Wetu Dashboard.To do this, login to your Wetu  Dashboard, and click on Admin.  In the new screen, click on the Options tab and scroll down till you find your new Option for Tourplan Integration. Note: These details won't appear if we haven't loaded them for you. 

Connecting your agents' Tourplan to Wetu 

In the Tourplan / Wetu Connector, there is the option to view the bookings of  your Agents. If you would like to do this, you need to make sure that they are listed as one of your Identities in Wetu and then you need to link their Tourplan to the Wetu system as well. 

You can do this by going to your Wetu Dashboard, and clicking on  Admin. Next, click on the Identities tab and click Edit next to the identity you would like to connect. In the Identity Details you can enter their Tourplan login details under Tourplan Integration. Click on the Update button before moving off the page to save the details.

Wetu / Tourplan Connector Overview

To access your Wetu / Tourplan Connector, in the address bar of your browser, enter (or click on the link). If you are not logged in correctly, you will be prompted here to login - use your Wetu login details.

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