Tourplan Mappings in Wetu

In this article we will guide you through mapping your Tourplan services to entries in the Wetu System.

In this article:
Wetu / Tourplan Connector Overview
Manage Mappings

Wetu / Tourplan Connector Overview

To access your Wetu / Tourplan Connector, in the address bar of your browser, enter (or click on the link). If you are not logged in correctly, you will be prompted here to login - use your Wetu login details. 

Manage Mappings

It is VITAL that the bulk of the services in Tourplan get mapped to corresponding entries in Wetu before being handed to consultants for testing and use.

On the Wetu / Tourplan Connector page, on the far right click, is the  Manage Mappings button. This will take you to the next page that will list all the Services that are in your Tourplan system. 

From the  Mapping drop down menu, you can select which category you would like to view. Unmapped services will appear under Map Now. Mapped services will appear under the category that you have mapped it to.

To map a booking, scroll to the service you would like to map (or use the search functions at the top of the page) and click on  Map Now

A pop-up will appear, from the drop-down menu choose which category the service falls under.

When mapping  Accommodation, next to Wetu Accommodation, start to type in your accommodation name and select the correct service in the Wetu system from the options that appear. Then you can choose the basis and select the matching room type or free text in the Room Name (Luxury Room, Standard Room, Suite, Villa, etc). Then click Save and your service is now mapped in the Wetu System and saved under the Accommodation category. 

Note: If the service you are trying to map does not have a matching entry in Wetu, please follow these steps. 

When mapping an Activity, simply type in the name of the activity you are looking for in Activity Location

If the Activity that you need to map is a Product Activity (loaded by an Accommodation), you need to type the name of the Accommodation in Activity Location and then select the activity from the new drop down menu

Day Tours function similarly to Activities. Select Day Tour as the service type and then select the appropriate corresponding Day Tour from the provided drop down menu. The name of the Day Tour provider is followed by all the Day Tours they have published.

When mapping a Car Hire you need to only enter the pick up and drop off location, for example, Chobe National Park or OR Tambo International Airport. 

All travel services need to be assigned to the Travel category (Flights, Transfers, Boat, Train and Hike). Once you have slected Travel, select the appropriate mode of travel and then enter the start and end location of that travel arrangement 

It is important to note that the First and Second Location for your travel arrangement needs to be an exisiting point in the Wetu system as Wetu uses this information for routing purposes. 

To map a Component, there needs to be an existing matching Component already built in your Wetu System. This is useful for service lines that create a package (accommodation, transfers, activites, etc all included in one service line in Tourplan). Here is a guide on how to build a Component in Wetu. 

Included, General Accommodation and General Activity will not need to be mapped to an entry in the Wetu System. Services mapped as Included will listed under "Price Includes" as free test in the itinerary; it will have no additional content associatd with it. 

Finally, mapping any services as Ignore will be left out when the itinerary is built. These can be for service lines such as cancellation, compensation, service fees, admin fees, ad hoc services, etc that you do not want listed on the itinerary. 

At any point, you can return to the  Manage Mappings page and change how a service as been mapped by following the same steps outlined above. 

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