Request a new entry in Wetu

When requesting a new entry be loaded into Wetu, the more details you can provide us with, the quicker we will be able to load the entry into the system. 

Before sending your request, please double check that the entry you are requesting is not already in the Wetu System. We understand that there are different spellings for certain destinations/places, and we try to use the most universally used version. There are also thousands of entries in our system and so when searching for an entry, use  the main part of the name and not necessarily the whole name. For example Belmond Khwai River Lodge, there are lots of results for 'Belmond' and 'River Lodge', try search for 'Khwai' / 'Khwai River'. 

To request that a new entry be added to the Wetu system, please email the following details through to

  1. Name of the new point
  2. Country and area where the new point is located
  3. Website link
  4. GPS co-ordinates

In your mail to Wetu, it is vital that you please CC a contact from the product so that they know they are being loaded into the Wetu System. 

If this entry is of something unusual and you know that the content and/or hi-res images for the entry are difficult to find and you have with the correct authorization, please send these along with your request.

You will be notified once the entry has been made. 

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