Rebranding an iBrochure

Here we will show you how to rebrand an iBrochure with Supplier details, no details or with one of your clients branding (logo & contact details).

To rebrand an iBrochure, you simply need to login to your Wetu account, then find and open the iBrochure you would like to rebrand (full iBrochure list here). Once you have entered the iBrochure, you will notice that the logo and contact details are for the Supplier.

To change these details, scroll down to the bottom of the iBrochure and click on the box that says Rebrand. From the pop up menu, select the Company's name you would like to rebrand for and the logo and contact details will automatically change.

From the pop up menu, you can change the iBrochure branding:

  • Original - with the Supplier's details
  • Unbranded - no logo or contact details
  • Identity - you can brand it as one of your Agents by selecting their identity

Note: you need to send the new link in the address bar, as this link will reflect the new branding. 

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