Destinations: How do I add or customise Country Information

Wetu provides default Country Information such as electricity, currency, dress code, etc. and these details are automatically included in your itineraries. You are able to add content, customise content or choose to not show certain content on your itineraries. 

Country Information is available on all Operator packages. 

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Adding and Editing Country Information
Removing Country Information 
Country Information in the various Itinerary Builder outputs

Adding and Editing Country Information

Login to your Wetu account and once in the Dashboard, click on the Admin button (This content can only be entered by an  Admin). Once in Admin, click on the Destinations tab.

Under Destinations, you will find the list of Countries that have been included in your itineraries. Next to each country is a list of options where you can add information. 

To add information (or edit the preloaded information), click on the desired field ( Description, Health, Safety etc.) and a pop-up window will open. 

Once you have entered the information for the specific field, click save. A green tick will appear next to each field that has personalized information entered. 

Wetu has  not preloaded information for Health, Safety and Visas as these details change regularly. 

Note: There is information preloaded into the system by Wetu, but once you change the information it will no longer be maintained by Wetu and it is your responsibility to make sure that the information that is loaded is always up to date and accurate. 

Removing Country Information

If you prefer a certain section of the Country Information not to show, go to the Country section of the Destination tab and click on the section that you don't want to show (for example Currency).

Remove all the test that is in the block and replace it with any word that is between 1 and 10 characters, for example, Hide / Don't Show / N/A / etc. and then click save. The system will now ignore that section and it will not show anything for that section on the outputs.  

The system is set up to adhere to the following rules:

No text: show Wetu text (if there is Wetu default text)
1-10 characters: (e.g. Hide / Don't Show / N/A / etc) show nothing
11+ characters: show custom text

Country Content in the various Itinerary Builder outputs

Digital Itinerary 

You can choose to not display this information by changing what is displayed in the Digital Itinerary by editing your theme. You can also include Country images by selecting this option in  Themes 

Printable Itinerary

When you select to download the printable format of the itinerary, in the pop-up, select how you would like the Country Information to be displayed. 

None: Not displayed in the itinerary at all
Included: Basic Country description only, found at the beginning of the Itinerary with Destination Information. Details such as Health, Visa, etc excluded. 
Included with Detail (Inline): All details (description, plus Health, visa, etc) at beginning of Itinerary with Destination Information
Included with Details (Appendix): All details at the end of the Itinerary
Included with Detail (Split): Basic Country description at the beginning of the itinerary, and the rest of the details at the end of the itinerary. 

Mobile Responsive:

When you enter your Itinerary on your mobile device, you can navigate to the Destinations section. Once you have selected a Destination, you will see that there is a hyperlink just under the Destination description where you can "Read more about travelling in  Country"

Mobile App:

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