Accommodation: Adding Own Arrangements

Own Arrangements are used when your clients have arranged a section of their tour themselves. This function is designed around the fact that you might not necessarily know what your clients will do during this time. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Getting Started
Adding Own Arrangements
Mapping Own Arrangements
Important Notes

Getting Started

In order to add Own Arrangements in your Itinerary, you will need to be in the Accommodation Step of the Itinerary Builder.

Adding Own Arrangements

When you get to the Accommodation Step, this is where you will Add Own Arrangements. Input your tour accommodations as usual, until you get to the point in the tour where you need to include the Own Arrangements, then select 'Own Arrangements' instead of Accommodation. 

Should you have details to add to your Own Arrangements, you can do so by either entering the name of the accommodation where the clients will be staying during this time (if you know this - preferable) or you can enter the general area (Durban, Kruger National Park, Okavango Delta, etc). Then fill in the other details, such as the number of nights like you do when adding normal accommodation. 

Note: You can add Own Arrangements at any point in the Accommodation Step.

When you have entered all of your tour details, select 'Next Step'.

Mapping Own Arrangements

In the Route Builder Step, you will notice that the map does not automatically connect your points as it needs some guidance as to how the Own Arrangements connects with the rest of the tour. 

Firstly, choose how the clients will be getting from their previous nights' accommodation to their Own Arrangements. In this example, the clients will need to transport from their 'Own Arrangements' in Cape Town to their accommodation at Ellerman House. Then under 'Own Arrangements', enter the start (think of this as the drop-off point - where your clients will be dropped to start their Own Arrangements) and end (think of this as the pickup point - where your clients will be picked up after their Own Arrangements) location. The locations you enter here have to be linked to a Wetu point, such as a lodge, National Park, airport, harbour, mall, waterfront, etc because if the point is too random (like a town or city), the routing will be inaccurate. 

Note: Even if in the Accommodation Step you entered Cape Town as your 'Own Arrangement' location, in the routing you have to pick somewhere specific, such as the airport, for the routing to display correctly.

Important Notes

  • You can still load flight/transfer information to the legs before and after own arrangements. Select the icons next to the mode of transport to add in the information.   

  • You can't select the mode of transport between the start and end points of Own Arrangements. 
  • Start and end points can be different destinations, but then you will have a gap in your routing. For example, if your start point (drop-off point) for Own Arrangements is Cape Town International Airport and your endpoint (pick up point) is Eastgate Airport, then the arrangements between the two will not show on the map. 

  • You can have multiple Own Arrangements per itinerary, even back to back. If this is the case, then it is very important to ensure that your methods of transport between Own Arrangements are correct in order to get the best routing output. 
  • If you are arranging flights/transfers between Own Arrangements, to get the best routing, it is recommended that you split the arrangements. For example, if you have arranged the flights for clients who are staying in Cape Town, flying to Durban to do their own thing for 3 nights, and then flying to Johannesburg to do their own thing for 2 nights, instead of entering Own Arrangements for 5 nights, split the two and then you can do the routing of the flights between the two destinations. 
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