Adding your Content in additional Languages

This article will help you understand the process for adding content, to your listing, in additional languages. 

In the main page of your listing, under Description, there is a list of languages that you can choose from. Select the language (or languages) that you would like to add to your iBrochure. Select the language by ticking the box to the left of the language.   

When you have selected the language/s that you would like, click Save at the bottom of the page. Once you have done this, you will see that there are now additional content boxes available for the additional languages that you selected. 

In the new content box, enter the translated content. 

Note: We do not recommend using Google to translate your content, as it is not always accurate.

The content boxes will appear under the following menu headings, where you can enter the translations accordingly:

  • Description (Description for 3rd Parties, Short teaser description, Description for the iBrochure)
  • Pictures (Label and Description)
  • YouTube (Label and Description)
  • Virtual Tours (Label and Description)
  • Room/Unit/Villa Types (Name and Description)
  • Activities (Name and Description)
  • Restaurants (Name and Description)
  • Rates Seasons
  • Rates

Details chosen in Facilities, will automatically be translated for the iBrochure. 

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