How to use the Itinerary App on iOS

The Wetu Itinerary App allows your (and your Agents’) client to travel with all the required travel documentation on their smartphone. The Wetu Itinerary App caters for the market that travel with their smartphone by replacing the paper documentation and providing additional functionality and information.

In this article:
The Itinerary App Code
Instructions for your clients

The Itinerary App Code

When you build a Personal Itinerary in the Wetu Itinerary Builder, one of the automatic outputs is the Mobile Code.

Note: This functionality is only available to Enterprise licenses and will not show if your Personal Itinerary does not have dates

Once you have built an itinerary in the Wetu Itinerary Builder you are able to instruct your client to download the Wetu Itinerary App in the App Store and provide them with their personal code to access their unique itinerary.

Note: The Wetu Itinerary App is only supported on iOS and Android

Instructions for your Clients

Step 1: Download and Install

Ask your clients to download and install the Wetu Itinerary App, on their cell phone, from the  iStore or the Google Play store. To find the Wetu Itinerary App, search for "Wetu" - the app is free. 

Note: if you are searching on a tablet, please ensure that you are searching in cellphone apps, as it is not listed under tablet apps.

Step 2: Enter your Itinerary Code

Supply your client with the 6 digit code for their itinerary. When they open the App, they will be prompted to enter their itinerary code. Once they do this, their personalized itinerary will open.

Please note: Apple and Android devices have different display functionalities. Apple devices do not have a return button at the bottom of  the screen, all interaction is done on the screen that is why the mobile app has that return button for you to use. Because Android devices are manufactured with a return button one can tap on at the bottom of the screen,  you can use that to navigate around the Itinerary and this is why the app does not have a return button at the top for an Android display. You simply use the return button that comes with the phone at the bottom of the screen. If you hold down the menu button once in the App, it will bring up a menu with the following options:
  • SMS Itinerary
  • Email Itinerary
  • Update Itinerary
  • Change Itinerary
  • Cancel

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