Identities: How to Co-brand an Itinerary

Co-branding allows you to brand your Itinerary with your logo as well as the logo and details of an Identity (your Agents or clients). 

This functionality is available only on Enterprise packages

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Getting Started
Adding Co-branding to your Identity
Output of Co-branding

Getting Started

From your Dashboard, select the Admin tab to get started. 

Adding Co-branding to your Identity

Before you can use Co-branding, you need to activate it on an Identity. To do this, click on your 'Identities' tab in Admin. A list of your Identities will display here and you can click on 'Edit' next to the one you would like to activate the Co-branding on. Alternatively, if you have not created one yet you can start by clicking on 'Create Identity'.

In the details of your Identity, there is an option to 'Cobrand', ticking the box will activate the Co-branding function for this 'Identity'. Click 'Update' to confirm these changes. 

If you now choose this Identity when you brand an Itinerary, the Co-branding will appear. 

Output of co-branding

If you have chosen to brand an Itinerary with an Identity where Co-branding is active, the branding will appear as follows:

Digital Itinerary 

Virtual Itinerary

Printable Itinerary

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