Splash and Cover Images

Part of the content that you can add to your listing, are the images for the Splash page and Covers. 

In this article:
Splash page
Cover images

Splash Page

Under Appearance in the menu options, is the Splash page. This image is for the landing page of the iBrochure. If you do not make a specific image as the Splash page, the image at the top of your image list will automatically be the Splash page. 

This image should be cropped in a 2:1 ratio before loading so that it fills the entire screen when the iBrochure is loaded. If the image is not cropped, there will be black on sides of the images. 

Cover Images

Once you enter the iBrochure, there are images on the left of the page, and these are cover images. You can upload a c cover image for each division of the iBrochure.  

The images that you upload will automatically be cropped to fit. 

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