Hybrid Content - Customising your Supplier Content

Here you will learn how to change your preferred  Suppliers (properties you use in your itinerary) and Activities content.

NOTE: this is for Enterprise accounts only

In this article: 
Customising content for your Suppliers
    Adding Suppliers
    Customising Descriptions (general, rooms & activities) 
    Custom Images
    Custom Directions
    Set Details


In your Wetu Dashboard, click on Admin.

In Admin click on your Suppliers Tab.

Add Suppliers

To add a Supplier simply search your suppliers' name in the top right field labelled '  search for products' a drop down menu will appear for you to select from.  Select the Supplier form the dropdown and Click on Quick Add to add it to your page.  It will appear at the bottom of the page initially and later in alphabetical order.

Customise Description

Click on the  Customise Description link in the Suppliers Tab and a pop up window will appear for you to edit content. 

Note:  When you change your Description it will override the base Wetu content in your outputs.  Your customised description will only be visible to you. Having overwritten the base Wetu content also means that if the Supplier updates the content, your content will not update. 

Edit your content in the pop up Change Translations window and click the Save icon to save:

Adding Custom Room Descriptions

Using the dropdown menu, you can select and change the text for the various rooms types. If there is a new room type you would like to add, click on Add Custom Room. The Custom Room will be listed in this dropdown menu as well. 

You can add this Custom Room to your Itinerary in Tab 2: Accommodation 

Adding Custom Activity

Using the dropdown menu, you can change the text for the various activities. If there is a new activity you would like to add, click on  Add Custom Activity. The Custom Activity will be listed in this dropdown menu as well. 

You can add this Custom Activity to your Itinerary in Tab 4: Planner - Product Activities

Note :To get back the base content delete yours and click Save.

Customise Images

Click on the  Customise Images link in the Suppliers Tab and a new window will open up where you will be able to customize which images you would like to use for that Supplier. 

My Collection allows you to choose what images you would like to display for this Supplier. You can use images that the Supplier has uploaded or you can upload your own by clicking on the Add Image button. 

To include images in My Collection that the Supplier has loaded, navigate to the Supplier Images and click on the arrow icon and this will move the supplier image into My Collection

Note:The first 3 images that you use are vital, as these 3 images are what is displayed in most of your outputs.  You can rearrange the images in My Collection simply by dragging and dropping the images. 

Once you have loaded, selected and arranged the images that you would like to use for this Supplier, you need to choose if you would only like to display the images in My Collection or the images loaded by the Supplier as well. 

Custom Directions

You can view  this document on how to add directions to the Supplier (although you are not loading directions directly to the listing, the same steps can be followed). 

Set Details

Finally, in the  Suppliers Tab, you can also set the following custom details by clicking on Set Details:

If you would like to customize the content for your Destinations, more details can be found  here

Want to set the Accommodation's Destination? Click here to learn more. 

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