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This article will help you to understand how to create and manage your Specials in the Wetu system. 

This functionality is only available for Enhanced Listings

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Getting Started
Create a new special
View or edit an existing special

Getting Started

Once you have upgraded to an Enhanced Listing, the Specials Manager will be available on your Dashboard under the Tools section.

Create a new special

From your Dashboard, click on the Specials button

On the new screen that opens, click on the 'Create new special' button

When creating a special, it is recommended that you fill in as much information as possible, on this page

Guide to understanding the Specials options:

Name of the Special (this will show on the Tour Operator & Agent facing portal)

The type of Special 
Business: Special related to corporate and incentive travel
Combination: Special that is made up of a mix of special types and doesn't fit into one category
Conferencing: Special related to conference or incentive travel
Exclusive Use: Special related to the exclusive use of a property 
Stay / Pay: Self explanatory 
Last Minute: If a special is valid now and the travel date is less than 1 month away
Override: Self-explanatory
Package: If a Special is part of a package. It could contain benefits, such as Stay/Pay, Combination and Value Add. This type of special can also be related to a special interest (special interest is for easy searching in the Tour Operator & Agent facing portal)
Value Add: Special that includes any Value Add on booking. This type of special can also be related to a special interest (special interest is for easy searching in the Tour Operator & Agent facing portal)
Wedding: Self-explanatory

Summary of the special. It is advised to keep this description short 
eg: Spend seven nights at a combination of up to three lodges and camps in Botswana and enjoy complimentary flights. 

T & C's:
The nitty gritty of the special. This should be where you include a breakdown of what is included as well as any conditions that apply to the special (such as minimum guests, subject to availability, etc). 

Select who the special applies to. This will help us to show the special in the correct places (such as iBrochure, Specials Portal, etc).

Total Nights:
This field will change slightly depending on your type of special. It is optional for all options, except fro Stay / Pay specials. 

This is the cost of the special, and you can choose if the costing is per person per night, per person sharing per night, per package, etc.  

Booking validity:
These are the dates when it is possible to book the special. This also affects when the specials are displayed in Wetu. 

Travel dates:
These are the dates when the special applies. 

Select Properties:
Here you can select the properties that the special applies to. The properties that are listed here, are the properties that you have access to manage. 

Once you have filled in the details for the special, you have the option to Save or Publish the special. 

Save will store the information of the special, however, it will not be published (made available in Wetu). Once you save, you will have the option to choose to: Return to the specials home page, view the special you just created or crate another special. The special will remain unpublished until you go back into the special and publish it. 

Publish will save the special and make it live in the Wetu system. 

View or Edit an existing special

When you click on Specials from your Dashboard, or after you have created a special, you will be taken to the Special home page. Here you will find the list, and details, of the Specials you have created. 

Clicking on the title of the Special will allow you to access it for editing. If a Special has been published, you will need to withdraw it before you can make any changes. 

A tour will be marked Expired and removed from the distribution channels of the system when the Booking validity date has passed. 

Allows you to preview the Special and see it as a Tour Operator or Agent would see it in the Specials Portal.

Makes a copy of the special (will be unpublished so you can make amendments to it). 

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