Tourplan: Agent Identities

If you have agents in your Tour Operating System, they need to be added to your Wetu account as Identities. This will allow us to connect active agent bookings to Wetu to build itineraries for them and their branding to appear on the itineraries. This document will show you how to set up your identities and link them. 

This functionality is available for Digital Enterprise Packages with Integrations

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Adding and Identity in Admin
Linking and Identity To Tourplan
Agents in the Tourplan Interface

Adding an Identity in Admin

From your Dashboard, select 'Admin'  and then the Identities Tab. On the left-hand side of the screen select 'Create Identity'.

A new page will open up where you can capture the Identity's details, the more detail the better, but the below is the minimum requirement:

  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Telephone Number
  • Email
  • Logo

You will need to decide here if you would like to cobrand with the Identity on various outputs and if you would like the identity to receive view notifications. For further information on Identities, see these documents.

Wetu Suggests: For identity logos, be sure to keep your logo image size smaller than 200KB, best if it were under 100KB. For print, 500KB+

Linking an Identity to Tourplan

Once you have created your Identity, add your Tourplan Debtor code for that agent into the Tourplan (Inbound) Integration section at the bottom of the screen and save.

Agents in the Tourplan Interface

Once you have set up your Agents, if they have been loaded correctly, they will now be listed on Wetu / Tourplan (Inbound) Connector, in the Agents Column. 

The agent reference will also automatically be assigned to your booking within the itinerary builder, under 'Branding' on the Itinerary Details tab. 

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