Template Customisation

Here we will teach you how to customise the layout of your Classic Digital Itinerary so  that can fit the branding and/or the look and feel of the itinerary you are showing to your client. 

Note This functionality is only available on the Digital Enterprise package

In this article:

Contact Position
Trip Summary Mode
Trip Information Mode
Destination Mode
Accommodation Mode
Accommodation Information Mode
Daily Information Mode
Map Mode
Transport Page Mode
About Us Mode
Information Mode

Template Customisation is an extension of Themes, allowing you to further customise your digital presentation of your Wetu itineraries. 



Navigation above - Full Width

Navigation above - Narrow Width

Navigation above - Full Width with Spacing 

Navigation below - Full Width

Navigation below - Narrow Width

Contact Position: 

Navigation Bar and Banner Image

Note: The above example is with Header mode set to Navigation above - Narrow Width. The behaviour will remain the same for any other Header option, except if Header mode is set to Tabbed

Trip Summary Mode:

Block, Grid, Gallery and Timeline with Map

Trip Information Mode:

Sidebar, Block, Left Tab and Grid

Destination Mode:

Block, Grid, Timeline, Six Image Gallery, Five Image Gallery, Carousel Gallery and Slider Gallery

Accommodation Mode:

Block, Carousel Gallery, Slider Gallery and Embedded Thumbnail Gallery
Note: the Accommodation Information Mode in all of the above examples is set to Sidebar

Accommodation Information Mode:

Block, Carousel Gallery, Slider Gallery and Embedded Thumbnail Gallery
Note: the Accommodation Information Mode in all of the below examples is set to Tab. Please see above for Accommodation Information Mode set to Sidebar

Daily Information Mode:

Block and Timeline

Map Mode:

Separate and Overview

Note: If  Map Mode is set to Overview and Trip Summary Mode is set to Timeline with Map, there will be no repeat of the Map on the Overview page. If the Map Mode is set to Overview there will be no Map tab in the menu

Transport Page Mode:

Tabular, Voucher No Images and Voucher with Images

About Us Mode:


Information Mode:

One Column and Two Column

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