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In this article, we will help you set up and use the Meet and Greet functionality 

In this article:

Creating Meet and Greet 
Using Meet and Greet in an Itinerary

Creating Meet and Greet

Click on the  Admin button, from your Dashboard, and navigate to the Contacts and Services tab.

Click on the Create Meet and Greet button, and a pop-up will appear for you to give the service a name. It is recommended that you name the service as specifically as possible and click Save

Once you have named and saved your itinerary, it will take you to an update form where you can enter the description of the service as well as add images. 

You need to enter the main description of your Meet and Greet service here. This needs to be in the third person and as accurate as possible. 

Images must be hi-res and landscape. Tell a story with the pictures which should represent all aspects of your Meet and Greet.

  • A picture says 1000 words – tell stories with your images
  • Upload hi-res images (must be >500KB, preferably >3MB) – must be > 2MP 
  • Upload landscape images rather than portrait images – most screens are twice as wide as they are high
  • Get into the destination (destination = wildlife, beach, mountains, city etc) – this is mostly why people travel. Show what is special about this place or person

To add additional photos click on Add New Picture and insert all relevant picture descriptions.  Be sure you have permission to use the images and confirm by ticking the ' I confirm that we have permission to use these images' field underneath the Save icon.

Note: Landscape images display better than portrait. High-resolution images that are close to 1MB are best and anything under 300KB will not look good on your client's full screen.

Navigate through the menus on the left-hand side of the Dashboard and include as much information as possible and SAVE!

All the Meet and Greets created can be managed in the in the Admin tab.

Using Meet and Greet in an Itinerary

On the Planner tab of the Itinerary Builder, you can select to add a Meet and Greet by clicking on the relevant button. This will appear if the Planner is set to be Day by Day or By Destination.

When you click on the Meet & Greet button, you will then be able to select a service from the drop down menu, based on the Meet and Greets you have already loaded in Admin and it will populate the name and description with the details loaded. In addition, the images will automatically pull through into the itinerary. 

Alternatively, you can enter the Meet and Greet details once off for this particular itinerary by entering the Name and Description directly in the pop-up menu. The details manually entered will only be available for use in this itinerary and cannot be saved and reused. In addition, if added in the Itinerary Builder itself, you do not have the ability to load images. 

The contact details and time will need to be loaded either from the Contact list (also in Admin) or manually for this itinerary. 

Once you have selected and entered the relevant details for the Meet and Greet, click OK and it will save the details into the Planner tab. You can now use the green arrow to drag the service into the correct place for chronological sequencing. 

The Meet and Greet will then display on your itinerary output and a pop-up window displaying the information entered will open when the service is clicked on

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