Route Builder: How do I edit a route

The Wetu System will supply you with the most efficient route between two points, however, you may wish to send your clients on a scenic route that is different to the route Wetu has provided.  This article will guide you through the easy steps to personalise your client's self-drive route. 

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Getting Started

Getting Started

To edit a route, first, open the relevant itinerary and navigate to the route builder.

Editing Self Drive Routes 

In order to access this functionality, your transport mode needs to be Self Drive.

There are two ways to open the route editing function. 

Firstly, selecting the orange directions option at the bottom left-hand side of the screen will open a list of all self-drive routes in the itinerary.

Select the Edit option to view the Route Editor.

Alternatively, on the map, select the vehicle icon of the route you would like to edit.

Note: Selecting the icon of a Transfer will allow you to do minor edits to the transfer route.

Either of these methods will open the Route Editor where you can view the map and directions as provided by Google. 

Using the Zoom Functions, find the best view of the map for the changes you are wanting to make. You are able to zoom right into the map to view the smaller roads. Click, hold and drag the blue line to the correct point on the map. 

You will notice that as the directions on the map moves, the written directions on the left-hand side of the screen will update to the new route. These directions are supplied by Google. You are able to edit the written directions by simply writing over the provided text, and delete lines using the trash can icon.

Saving Self Drive Routes 

Once you have finished making your edits, select 'Update Directions'

The system will ask if you would like the directions to be saved for future use.

Select Yes to save this route for the next time this accommodation combination is used.

Note: The saved route will only be available when the two exact accommodations are used in the same order in future itineraries. 

Using a Saved Self Drive Route

When you create a new itinerary with a custom route that you have previously edited and saved, the system will automatically show that route. Open the Editing Window to view which directions are showing.

When  Full Directions is selected, drop-down to view all possible routes and select the correct one to add to your route. Then update directions and move onto the next leg of the journey. 

Learn more about Building a customised Driving Route when one doesn't exist by heading over to our Building a customised Driving Route when one doesn't exist Wetu HelpDoc.

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