Building a customised Driving Route when one doesn't exist

If the Wetu Route Builder is not adding an automatic route for a transport leg you have the ability to manually insert your own route on the Map. 

Step 1: Selecting Self Drive (No Route) or Transfer (No Route)

In the drop down menu on the Route Builder Tab select either Self Drive (No Route) or Transfer (No Route) options. 

Step 2: Click on the vehicle icon

Step 3: Add Points on your route 

The window CUSTOM ROUTE BUILDER will pop up.  Now click on Add Points to begin drawing the route.

Step 4:  Building your client's route 

With the click of your mouse, you can use the small white dots to follow your desired route for your client.  When you are finished click  OK and you will return to the Route Builder Tab with your selected route.

You will return to the Route Builder Tab to continue with building your itinerary.

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