Route Builder: How do I build a driving route when one does not exisit

The routing in Wetu is based on mapping infrastructure from Google and there are times when the Route Builder cannot automatically create a route for a transport or self-drive leg. You have the ability to manually insert your own route on the Map. 

The custom driving route functionality is available on all packages

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Getting Started

First and foremost, you need to open the Itinerary Builder (if you do not already have one open). Navigate to the itinerary where you would like to add the custom driving route and open the Route Builder step. 

Creating your own route

In this example, I am going to create a self drive route, but the same applies for transfers. 

In the drop-down menu on the Route Builder step, navigate to the day where the route is not being created and select the Self Drive (No Route) option

The system will then set a default straight line between the two accommodation where the route is not available. On the new line that is now showing on the map, click on the vehicle icon. 

The window "Custom Route Builder" will pop up.  Now click on "Add Points" to begin drawing the route. To draw the route, click on the map where you would like the route to be drawn and markers will be dropped. As the marker is dropped, the line will adjust accordingly to create your route. At any point, if you have incorrectly added a point, you can remove it by clicking on "Remove Last Point". 

You can zoom in and out to make your markers closer together if there is a very specific route you are trying to build. You can also add as many points as necessary to get your drawn route as accurate as possible. 

When you click "Ok" your route will be saved and you will see that the map on the Route Builder step has updated. 

If you need to edit the Route at any point again, you can click on the vehicle icon as before and the "Custom Route Builder" screen will open again. 

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