Review Step: How does the Review Step Work

The Review Tab is a largely underrated tool on the Wetu System. It is a great place to check your itinerary, as well as the easiest way to add in information when confirming a booking. The Review Tab comes in handy when revisiting itineraries as they confirm. Instead of going back to each section of the itinerary builder when you need to add details, you can go to the Review Tab. In this article, we will go over the benefits of using the Review Tab. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

In this article: 

Getting Started
Itinerary Overview
Travel Details
Daily Information

Getting Started

In the Review Tab you will find the following sections to review: 

Itinerary Overview 
Travel Details
Daily Information 

To see the overview of each section, click on the 'Itinerary Overview', 'Travel Details' and 'Daily Information' tabs at the top of the screen in order to view the details accordingly. 

Itinerary Overview

In the Itinerary Overview, you can quickly edit the details of your clients booking such as:

Personal Details

  • Itinerary Name
  • Client Name
  • Reference Number
  • Email Address

Accommodation Details
All of the Accommodations added in Step 2: Accommodation will display in this section. By selecting the eye icon, view the content loaded for the accommodation. The blue ticks will indicate information loaded for this accommodation, and the pencil icon will allow you to edit the details.

Important Contacts
Here you can add any important contacts your clients may need to contact throughout their trip.

To add contacts click on the 'Add Contact' button and insert your relevant details into the pop-up box.  You can also select from your preloaded Contacts by clicking on the 'Load Contacts' button.  You add Contacts to this list under Admin / Contacts.

To remove contact that you have added to this list of Important Contacts, click on the 'Delete Contact' button.

Traveller Details
The Traveller Details section will display the Names and ages of Travellers as added in Step 1: Itinerary Details. By selecting the Enter Names option, you are able to edit the names of adults and children as well as the ages of the children.

This section displays all of the Miscellaneous options added in your Admin Account under Options. Select the Miscellaneous fees relevant for the booking. 

These do not show on any client-facing outputs. They only add additional lines to the Pricing Sheets generated from Step 6: Additional Details. 

To check the options you have loaded, navigate to your admin section, and open the Options tab. The Miscellaneous fees can be added here. 

Once selected in the Review Step, they display as follows on the Pricing (nett) sheet allowing you to add costs for the additional services:

Travel Details

Set Company Name to
Here you would be able to hide the transfer Company Name from your clients by toggling between 'Details Specified' and 'To be Advised'

This will allow you to add the details into the Itinerary Builder for your records and hide them until the client has confirmed. 

This is how it will be displayed within the Itinerary Builder Review Step:

This is how it will be displayed on the Digital Itinerary:

Car Hire Details
Once you click on the 'Travel Details' section of the Review Tab, you can easily add, remove or edit the details of your client's Car Hire by clicking on 'Add Car Hire', 'Delete Car Hire' or the 'Pencil' icon to edit existing car hire you may have added.

A pop up will appear to add car details.  

Note: Car Hire functions independently from the dates on the Accommodation Tab and your dates need to be altered here.

Flight Details
All flights loaded in Step 3: Route Builder will display here. The blue tick shows the information you have loaded, while the pencil icon allows you to edit the details further. View this document for more information on loading flights.

You will find a list of Transfers that you have entered in Step 3: Route Builder. Here you can check which details are added (Blue tick) or not (grey circle). Select the Pencil Icon to view the editing screen. 

Daily Information

The Daily Information Section shows all of the information loaded in Step 4: Planner. The blue tick icon indicated information already loaded and selecting the pencil icon allows you to add the final details for each service. You are also able to view the day notes added in the planner for an easy to view overview. You are able to add, edit or remove day notes from this section.

Here are some more documents on using Step 4: Planner. 

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