Browser: How do I use Tags and Labels

Tags and Labels can be assigned to an Itinerary, Component or Day Tour to categorize their content and make them searchable.

Tags and Labels can be anything from the type of tour (e.g. Family, Self Drive) to a Price Bracket (e.g. $12000 - $15000 per person). They are for internal use only and will not show on any of your outputs.

Tags and Labels are available on all Wetu packages.

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How to Create or Manage Tags and Labels

To create or manage Tags and Labels, you need to have be an Admin. From your Wetu Dashboard click on the Admin tab and navigate to Options. There you will find a pre-defined list of Tags that you can edit. 

The Tags that are already entered are defaults that are created by the system. You can remove these by clicking on the next to the Tag. When you click on the x next to the Tag, it will strike-through the option and when you click on update, it will be removed. 

If you accidentally clicked on the x, you can undo this by clicking on the restore icon.

Note: When you delete a Tag or Label, it will no longer be associated to any itineraries, day tours and components. 

To enter a new Tag, simply click on the next available line and enter the new Tag you would like. Then go to the bottom of the screen and click Update.   

Note: If you do not click on Update before navigating away from this screen, the Tags and Labels will not be saved.

Once you have updated the page the new Tags and Labels will be available in your Itinerary Builder and Itinerary Browser. If you had the Itinerary Builder open when you created the new Tags and Labels in Admin, you will need to close the Itinerary Builder and open it again for your new Tags and Labels to appear.

You can edit a Tag or Label by clicking on the one that you would like to change and amending it. This change will be indicated by a pencil appearing. Click Update.

When you click Update the amended Tag or Label will apply to any itineraries, day tours and/or components you have it assigned to. It will also update in the Itinerary Builder and in the Itinerary Browser.

How to Assign a Tag or Label

The Tags and Labels that you have created will be available on your Itineraries, Components or Day Tours in the Additional Details Step of the Itinerary Builder. The example below shows how to assign Tags to an Itinerary, but the same steps apply to Components and Day Tours.

Open the Itinerary Browser and select the Itinerary that you would like to tag. Click on the Additional Details Step and navigate to the Tag and Labels section on the right. Select the Tags you would like to apply to your itinerary by clicking on them. The Tag will change to solid blue when selected and applied to your itinerary. 

To remove a Tag from an Itinerary, simply click on the Tag again, so that background reverts to white/transparent.

Once you have tagged an Itinerary, you will be able to see what Tags have been applied to that Itinerary from Itinerary Browser. You will also be able to search for Itineraries by Tag e.g. all Itineraries tagged with 'Beach'.

Select the Filter function on the top right in the Itinerary Browser. Click on the Tag/s that you would like to filter by. The results in the Itinerary Browser will then filter to show only the itineraries that are tagged with the tag/s you selected. 

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