Additional Details: What happens when I add a cover document

Adding a Cover Document allows you to select which document will be available on the Digital Itinerary behind the "Print" button. 

Although Cover Document is available on all Operator packages, it only affects the Digital Itinerary. On the Virtual Itinerary, Mobile App and Mobile responsive itinerary, the document uploaded in Cover Document is treated the same as other Documentation. 

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Getting Started

First thing first, open up the relevant itinerary on your dashboard:

Then navigate to the Additional Details step:

Adding a Cover Document 

When opening your Additional Details step, on the right of your screen is an option for you to upload a Cover Document. By clicking on the orange +, you are able to add a document from your computer. 

Once you have clicked on the orange +, a pop-up will appear where you can then navigate the folders on your computer until you find the document that you would like to upload. 

Click on the document that you would like to attach and then click 'Open', the document will then upload to your itinerary. 

Suggestion: The document that you upload should ideally be the Printable version of the Itinerary 

Once the document has uploaded successfully, they will appear in the 'Cover Document' section:

You can remove any documents that should not be uploaded by clicking on the trash can to delete them from the Itinerary. 

Where does the Cover Document display?

Virtual Itinerary:

Digital Itinerary - Sidebar Trip Information:

Mobile Responsive Itinerary:

Mobile App:

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