Additional Details: What do the Printable Itinerary options allow (Paper Itinerary)

Getting your Printable Itinerary (Paper Itinerary) should be a simple process and not daunting because of all the options that are staring you in the face. This document will explain the various options and help you simplify the printing process.

This option is available on all operator packages 

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Accessing your Paper Itinerary

Head to the last tab, Additional Details and at the bottom left of the page find the green icon labelled "Printable Itinerary".

Downloading your Itinerary

When you click on Printable Itinerary button a pop-up window will appear that allows you to select what you would like to feature in your Paper Itinerary and, to some degree, the order in which it appears.

Understanding the Printable Itinerary Options:


  • Paper Size: Choice between A4 or letter size
  • Display Contact Details: Contact details displayed if selected
  • Date Format: Choose between default (dd/mm/yy) or US date format (mm/dd/yy)


  • Map View Mode
    • Hide Inbound/Outbound Flights: Map does not display any inbound or outbound flights, including long-haul/overnight flights
    • Hidden: Map not displayed at all
    • Show All Travel: Map displays all travel, incl international flights
    • Hide Overnight Flights: Map does not display long-haul/overnight flights
    • Hide all Inbound/Outbound Travel: Map does not display any travel information
  • Destination Images
    • Hidden: Not displayed
    • Opening Gallery: On the first page of the itinerary
    • With Destination: Image shown with the Destination information in the itinerary
  • Accommodation Images
    • You can choose between having 1, 2 or 3 images displaying of the accommodation on the Printable Itinerary or no images at all.
  • Activity Images
    • Display Activity Description Only: displays only the description in the the output
    • Hide Activity: No activity or image will display for any activities included in the itinerary
    • Single / Double / Triple Image with Text: Displays the selected number of images with the accompanying text


  • Day Header Mode
    • Single Line: Day in itinerary (Day 1 etc), accommodation, destination, date and day of the week in brackets all in one line
    • Double Line: Day in itinerary, date and day of the week in top line, followed by accommodation and destination in the next line
  • Operator Logo Mode
    • Choose where on the top of the page you would like the logo displayed: Right, Left, Center or not at all (Hide).
  • Text Alignment
    • Choose how you would like the paragraphs of the itinerary to be aligned, left or justified


  • Country Information
    • None: Not displayed in the itinerary at all
    • Included: Basic Country description only, found at the beginning of the Itinerary with Destination Information. Details such as Health, Visa, etc excluded.
    • Included with Detail (Inline): All details (description, plus Health, visa, etc) at beginning of Itinerary with Destination Information
    • Included with Details (Appendix): All details at the end of the Itinerary
    • Included with Detail (Split): Basic Country description at the beginning of the itinerary, and the rest of the details at the end of the itinerary.
  • Empty Content
    • Show Placeholder: Leaves placeholders where the empty content would be
    • Hidden: Not displayed at all
  • Directions
    • Do Not Display: Not displayed in the itinerary at all
    • Display for Each Day: Displayed at the end of each travel day
    • Display at End: Displayed at the bottom of the itinerary
  • Hide Alternative Accommodation
    • If you have included Alternative Accommodation in your Itinerary, selecting this option will not include these alternatives in your Printable Itinerary
  • Hide Room Information
    • If you have included room information in your itinerary, selecting this option will not include the room information in your printable itinerary
  • Travel Arrangements
    • End: Summary of all the Travel Arrangements (flights, transfer, etc) on the final page of the itinerary
    • Start: Summary of all the Travel Arrangements at the beginning of the itinerary
    • Day by Day: Travel Arrangements for each day shown at the end of the day
  • Destination Table
    Overview of the itinerary, where accommodation & destinations are listed at the beginning of the itinerary, can display:
    • With Dates: the dates at each destination/accommodation as well as the number of nights
    • Without Dates: can just display the accommodation and destination summary.
  • Accommodation Position
    • Start of Day: Information and images of accommodation shown at the beginning of the day information
    • End of Day: Information and images of accommodation shown at the end of the day information
  • Destination before Day Notes:  If selected, the notes for the day will be displayed after the Destination information, but before the Accommodation information


  • Hide Basis: Meal basis is hidden if this option is selected
  • Prevent Package Breaks: If selected, new information/new day will not start on a new page
  • Destination Date Range
    • Include Check Out: Selecting this option will include the checkout dates for each accommodation in your printable itinerary
    • Exclude Check Out: This option will not include the checkout dates in your printable itinerary
Note:  If pop-ups are turned off (blocked) on your Internet Browser your itinerary might not download, so if nothing happens when you click on OK you need to allow pop-ups for Wetu on that browser. Find out how to do this  here

Your download might look something like this:

or it might be at the top of your browser on the right side:

Double click on your download to open up the itinerary file. 

Your itinerary will open in your text editing software (Word, Pages, etc).  Once the document is in Word you can make all the changes you can normally in a Word doc. Save your Word doc and file it as you normally would have - this is the hard copy of your itinerary.

Note:  any changes you make to the Printable Itinerary once downloaded will not be recorded in Wetu you are now working on a different system.

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