Connect API (Incoming)

Connect is a generic framework from Wetu for integrating Tour Operator Software (TOS) systems. Specifically; it simplifies many of the common problems with converting bookings or quotes from a TOS into Wetu. Using a TOS and Wetu together gives the best of both worlds - easy, accurate quoting and operational management capabilities from the TOS and high quality, compelling sales and travel materials from Wetu (along with direct access to travel supplier content).

Converting a booking from a TOS to Wetu requires mapping a TOS's data structures into a format Wetu understands; mapping supplier representations from the TOS to their equivalent identities in Wetu and resolving any ambiguities in a booking (overlapping accommodation; inconsistent dates or durations; own arrangement gaps; "generic" accommodation or services; etc). The Connect API simplifies an integration by taking responsibility for the majority of those tasks.

Getting Started

To integrate with Wetu using the Connect API; your integration will need to be registered with Wetu. Please fill out and submit the below linked form to begin. Once registered; you will receive a test key for your integration.

Integration Registration Form

Technical Details

The Connect API consists of three REST endpoints. Messages to and from the endpoints are JSON objects.

Data Formats

Note: JSON does not specify a format for dates. This API uses strings containing an ISO8601 formatted date. This is the default for most JSON serialization libraries.

  • Booking
    • Name (string) - label for this booking
    • Reference (string) - unique identifier for this booking
    • TravelDate (date) (optional) - date of travel for this booking
    • CreatedDate (date) (read-only) - date this booking was created in Wetu
    • LastUpdatedDate (date) (read-only) - date this booking was last updated in Wetu (at present, both LastUpdatedDate and CreatedDate will have the same value)
    • BookingStatus (string) (optional) - code or description of current booking status (e.g. quote / confirmed)
    • ConsultantEmail (string) - email address of consultant creating this booking
    • Agent (string) (optional) - identifier of the agent a booking is for; used to automatically match to a Wetu identity
    • Status (string) (readonly) - status of a booking in Wetu; i.e. whether it has been converted into an itinerary
    • CurrentIdentifier (string) (readonly) - identifier of the booking in Wetu; can be used to construct URLs to view or create printable documentation
    • CurrentMobileCode (string) (readonly) - short code for loading a booking; allowing guests access to the Wetu app, TravelKey (only available for selected plans)
    • Introduction (string) (optional) - summary or introduction for this booking; supports limited HTML markup
    • Price (string) (optional) - price information for this booking; supports limited HTML markup
    • Included (string) (optional) - text describing price inclusions; supports limited HTML markup
    • Excluded (string) (optional) - text describing price exclusions; supports limited HTML markup
    • Terms (string) (optional) - text describing booking specific terms and conditions; supports limited HTML markup
    • Language (string) (optional) - ISO 639-1 language code for this booking; defaults to "en" if not specified
    • Travellers (array of Traveller) (optional) - list of names and details for guests on the booking
    • Services (array of Service) - list of services comprising this booking
  • Mapping
    • SystemId (string) - unique identifier for this service line / supplier
    • Name (string) - label for this service
    • Description (string) (optional) - description or additional detail for this service
    • Comment (string) (optional) - further information on this service
    • SupportedMappings (array of string) (optional) - optional restricted set of supported mapping types for this service; for example to ensure that a flight is only handled as travel and not as an accommodation
    • MappedAs (string) (optional) - current state of the mapping; can be used to clear an existing mapping when updating by setting this to "Unmapped"
    • ContentEntityId (int) (readonly) - id of the mapped supplier in Wetu
    • Basis (string) (optional) - accommodation only; meal basis of the service; will override a mapped default basis if provided with a booking
    • ContentEntityItemId (string) (readonly) - a secondary id related to ContentEntityId; used to identify a room or a "sub-service" at a supplier
    • Component (string) (readonly) - an itinerary identifier used by Day Tour, Multi-Day Tour and Component mappings
    • Highlight (bool) (optional) - flags an activity or day tour as a trip highlight
    • TravelMode (string) (readonly) - indicates the mode of travel (e.g. Scheduled Flight or Transfer)
    • TravelModeLabel (string) (readonly) - indicates a specific variant of the TravelMode (e..g Private)
    • Daily (bool) (optional) - flags an Included service as being day specific instead of trip specific
  • Traveller
    • Type (string) (optional) - Child or Adult
    • Title (string) (optional) - title (e.g. Mr) of the traveller
    • Name (string) - name of the traveller
    • Age (int) (optional) - age of the traveller
  • Location
    • SystemId (string) - unique identifier for this location
    • Name (string) - name / label for this location
    • Description (string) (optional) - further information for this location
    • Address (string) (optional) - address of the location
    • ContentEntityId (int) (readonly) - id of the mapped location in Wetu
  • Service (extends Mapping)
    • Date (date) - date for this service
    • EndDate (date) - end date for this service; usually only different than date above for accommodation (check-out), overnight travel or car hire
    • Note (string) (optional) - text to be added to daily notes; supports limited HTML markup
    • Included (string) (optional) - included text to be added to daily included notes; supports limited HTML markup
    • ExpertTips (string) (optional) - text to be added to daily expert tips; supports limited HTML markup
    • StartTime (string) (optional) - time for the service; supports formats such as 12:00, 12h00, 12.00, 1200, 11.00 AM, 11:00 PM or 11.00 a.m.
    • EndTime (string) (optional) - end time for the service; as above
    • ReferenceCodes (array of string) (optional) - reference codes or ticket numbers for the service
    • Sequence (int) (optional) - a sequence (for the day) for the service; used to order a clients day plan and notes
    • Adults (int) (optional) - number of adult guests; used for accommodation
    • Children (int) (optional) - number of child guests; used for accommodation
    • Rooms (int) (optional) - number of rooms booked for the accommodation
    • RoomName (string) (optional) - the name of the room booked for an accommodation
    • RoomType (string) (optional) - the occupancy configuration of the room booked for an accommodation
    • Agency (string) (optional) - the agency providing a travel or car hire service
    • Vehicle (string) (optional) - the type of vehicle or flight number of a travel service or car hire
    • Class (string) (optional) - the class of travel service or car hire
    • StartLocation (Location) (optional) - the start location for a travel service or pickup location for car hire
    • EndLocation (Location) (optional) - the end location for a travel service or dropoff location for car hire

Specific notes for Accommodation: Accommodation are broken down to the level of supplier + room type + room basis. If multiple rooms of distinct types or basis are booked; multiple accommodation service lines should be provided. Wetu will reassemble a consolidated picture of the booking. Wetu is able to assemble consecutive nights at the same accommodation into one booking (e.g. 3 single night service lines will be combined into a single 3 night stay; similarly a 4 night stay and a 3 night stay will be combined).

Specific notes for Travel: Overnight travel (where the Date and EndDate do not match) will be detected and handled automatically.


Request to Add a booking

    "Reference": "REF",
    "TravelDate": "2018-06-01T00:00:00.000Z",
    "Introduction": "Tour introduction",
    "Language": "en",
    "ConsultantEmail": "",
    "Price": "price available on request",
    "Agent": "AGENT REF",
    "BookingStatus": "Booked",
    "Name": "Example Traveller Itinerary",
    "LastUpdatedDate": "2018-01-02T00:00:00.000Z",
    "Travellers": [{
        "Age": 36,
        "Type": "Adult",
        "Name": "Jon Example",
        "Title": "Mr"
    "Services": [{
            "SystemId": "AIRFLIGHT",
            "Name": "Scheduled Flight",
            "Date": "2018-06-01T00:00:00.000Z",
            "EndDate": "2018-06-01T00:00:00.000Z",
            "StartTime": "06h00",
            "EndTime": "13h00",
            "Agency": "Example Airline",
            "Vehicle": "EX-117",
            "StartLocation": {
                "SystemId": "LHR",
                "Name": "London Heathrow"
            "EndLocation": {
                "SystemId": "CPT",
                "Name": "Cape Town International Airport"
            "SystemId": "TRANSFER",
            "Name": "Complimentary Transfer",
            "Date": "2018-06-01T00:00:00.000Z",
            "EndDate": "2018-06-01T00:00:00.000Z",
            "StartTime": "13h30",
            "Agency": "Example Transfers",
            "StartLocation": {
                "SystemId": "CPT",
                "Name": "Cape Town International Airport"
            "EndLocation": {
                "SystemId": "HOTEL-01",
                "Name": "Cape Town International Airport"
            "SystemId": "HOTEL-01",
            "Name": "Example Hotel",
            "Description": "Hotel Luxury Suite",
            "Comment": "Full Board",
            "Note": "Enjoy your 3 night stay at Example Hotel!",
            "Date": "2018-06-01T00:00:00.000Z",
            "EndDate": "2018-06-04T00:00:00.000Z",
            "ReferenceCodes": ["REF-01"],
            "Adults": 1,
            "RoomName": "Luxury Suite"
            "SystemId": "TOUR",
            "Name": "Example Tour",
            "Description": "Full Day Example Tour",
            "Date": "2018-06-02T00:00:00.000Z",
            "EndDate": "2018-06-02T00:00:00.000Z",
            "Highlight": true
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