How do I Embed Itineraries Into My Website

Embedding allows you to display your Wetu content on your site. This document will provide some insight as to how you can go about it or point you in the direction someone who might be able to assist you. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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What is Embedding?

Embedding is the process of putting something on a website or blog site. When you embed a Wetu itinerary into your website it is useful to know that as soon as you update an Itinerary, it will automatically update on your website as well. 

How to Embed?

If you want to display itineraries on your website, you can embed the Itineraries using a lightbox. There are plenty of lightboxes available, you must just pick an option that will work best for the website look and feel. Another (and simpler option) is to have an image or text of the itinerary on the website, with it hyperlinked to the itinerary. Alternatively, you can put a picture for each itinerary on your website and when you click the image, the itinerary will open in a new tab. You should be able to figure out what option works best for you with your web developers expertise. Below are some examples of what other clients have done with Wetu itineraries on their websites.

Note: If you don't have any IT or website development knowledge, it would be best to get the assistance of an expert in this field to assist in making your website look amazing. 

Examples of Embedded Itineraries

Encompass Africa making use of the Catalogue Manager in their website, allowing the client to see a whole collection of their itineraries on offer. They have hyperlinked the images to the relevant Catalogue and grouped them on the website By Destination, By Traveller and By Safari Style.

Giltedge has embedded the Virtual Itinerary into their website. If you have access to map-based itineraries, this is how they will interact on your website. 

You can take a look at Giltedge's website.

Above and Beyond Holidays have included itinerary slideshow images on their website with the image directing you to the relevant Wetu Itinerary.

You can take a look at Above and Beyond Holidays website.

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