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The Theme functionality is an essential tool in customising your Itinerary output and making them your own style and design. Here we will teach you how to customise the layout of your Digital Itinerary so that it can fit the branding and/or the look and feel of the itinerary you are showing to your client.

This functionality is only available on the Digital Lite and Digital Enterprise packages

In this article: 

Template Settings
Landing Page 
Country Information 
Contact Details / Enquiries 
Further Options
How to use Themes

Template Settings

Theme Name 
Create a defining name for your Theme as you will be selecting it from a drop-down menu in the future with only the name for you to recognise.

Style Pre-populated Itinerary
Preview your styling and layout changes to an already pre-populated itinerary.

Style My Own Itinerary
This option allows you to preview your styling and layout changes to  a specific itinerary. To preview one of your own itineraries, paste the link to either a Personal or Sample itinerary in the Paste your itinerary link here field specified in the image above. 

Note: You're only able to paste links of either a Personal or Sample itinerary as Day Tour and Virtual Itinerary links are not supported inside the Classic Theme Customiser.

Landing Page

This is where you are able to change the template settings of the Landing Page in your itinerary. 

Display Slideshow 
Tick this box to play a slideshow of the Property or Destination Images.

Slideshow Images
Choose between Property and Destination images to display in the slideshow on the Landing Page.

Landing Page Template 
This is where you are able to choose a template to present the information on the Landing Page. 

Itinerary Details Overlay Location
Here you have the option to select whether the itinerary details will be displayed at the bottom, left or right of the screen. 

Note: The Display Slideshow option is only available if a Landing Page Cover image is uploaded. The itinerary details overlay location option applies only to the landing page template 'Information in  Overlay'.

Country Information

Display Country with Destinations
This setting allows you to include a country description with Destination description and images, under Destination tab.

Display Travel Information
Travel Information, by default displays under the Information tab on your digital itinerary. Should you wish to hide the Travel Information tab, untick the checkbox.

Contact Details/Enquiries 

Logo Size
Choose the size of your logo displayed in the top left corner of the digital itinerary. Select the hide option if you want to unbrand your itinerary. 

Call-to-Action Button
Change the text inside the button 'Book Now', 'Enquire', 'Register' or Hide the button located in the top right corner of your itinerary.

Contact Details Location
Choose if you would like to display the contact details on the banner image in the Header, in the About Us section or in the same layout as the trip information by selecting the option Same as Trip Information.

Contact Details Displayed
Choose which contact details you would like to be represented in the Digital Itinerary. Select Company to display the contact details of the Company. To display Consultant contact details, select Consultant. 

The Smart option automatically displays the Consultant's contact details on Personal itineraries and company contact details on Sample itineraries, as well as itineraries rebranded for agents. 


Landing Page Proceed Action Text
Choose the proceeding text for the button located on the Landing Page from a predefined list in the drop-down menu. This is the button that you click on in order to view the details inside the itinerary. 

Display Sharing Option
By ticking this box you will display the social media share options which will appear in the banner image.

Social Media Icon Style
Here you have the option to set the style of the Facebook and Twitter icons to either  round, square or minimal. 

General Icon Style
Set the style for the icons displayed in your contact details as well as some icons on the Overview page. 


When uploading an image a window will pop up for you to select your relevant photo. You'll want to choose or crop a photo that has a high resolution and meets the recommended ratio, so the image fits in ideally.  

Landing Page Cover Image
Click on the '+Upload' button next to the 'Landing Page Cover Image' to change the Landing Page image that your client will see when they first look at the Digital Itinerary.

Note: The Cover Image will be first to display when you open the Digital Itinerary (i.e on the Landing Page). You'll want to choose a high-quality photo/image for your Cover Image. If you have chosen to display a slideshow earlier in your Theme options, the uploaded cover image will be first to appear in the sequence of images in the slideshow.  

Banner Image
Click '+Upload' next to 'Banner Image' to change the top image in your header on the Digital Itinerary. Should you choose not to add photos to the theme, it will default to the content provided by the Wetu system. 

Printable Itinerary Cover Image
Click '+Upload' next to 'Printable Itinerary Cover Image' to apply a cover image on the first page of the Printable ItineraryThis option is only applicable to your Printable Itinerary. 

Note: Wetu will suggest the recommended image sizes that you will need to upload.  If you choose a larger photo then the Wetu system will automatically crop it for you.

Further Options

In addition to the basic template options covered above, Digital Enterprise clients have access to:

How to use Themes

After you have already created a Theme, you can select them in the Itinerary Builder.  

Step 1: Access your Virtual Itinerary 
From your Wetu  Dashboard access Itinerary Builder (if you are unsure of how to do this please refer to the article Itinerary Builder Guide and either select an already built itinerary or create a new one.

Step 2: Itinerary Details
Under Itinerary Details (the first Tab) in your Itinerary Builder, you'll find a 'Theme' drop-down menu. Select your preferred theme from the list provided ( this is would be all the themes that have been built in your account along with the Wetu Default theme)

Note: It will take a bit of time for the Theme to update and you will need to refresh your browser to see it in the drop-down menu in the  Itinerary Builder. 

Step 3:  Demo your Theme
In the Additional Details Tab (the last Tab), in the Itinerary Builder, click the 'Preview Itinerary' icon and your Digital Itinerary will open in another window for you to preview. 

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