Themes: How to Choose Your Colours

The Theme functionality is an essential tool in customising your Itinerary output and making them your own style and design. Throughout the themes, you are able to select different colours in various places. This guide will take you through the colour block and guide you on how best to make use of this option.

This option is only available for the Digital Enterprise Package, within the Template Style sections. 

For this document to be useful to you, you should familiarise yourself with setting up your Template Styles here first.

Choosing Colours

Hex Colour Code

Each colour of the spectrum has a unique colour code called The Hex Colour code. There are many coding systems for colours to help you select the correct colour  across  all platforms. If you have a Hex Colour Code, insert it into the box and you the correct colour will be selected for you to add.

RGB Colour Set

All colours of the spectrum have a series of numbers associated  to  them called the RGB colour set. There can be added  to  the relevant R, G and B Blocks to select your exact company colour.

Select using the colour blocks

To choose your colours, use the range of colours at the bottom of the colour block to choose the base colour, and then the large block to choose your exact shade.

Note: When working with different colours, we suggest that you use the exact colours of your company or take note of the colours that you use in each section by writing down the R, G and B numbers or the Hex code. This way, you can ensure you have the same shade of a colour throughout your itinerary.
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