Planner: How to Add a Day Component

Components can be built in your account and inserted into itineraries to make the process of sending a quote, quick and efficient. A Day Component contains activities, destination information, daily notes and more. (basically anything you can add in the planner section) 

Once you have built a component you can quickly add it into as many itineraries as you need, allowing you to get great content to your clients in the most efficient way possible.

This function is available on all Wetu Operator Packages

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Getting Started
The Search Screen 
Inserting your component

Getting Started

Day Components are added in the Planner Step of the Itinerary Builder. Click on the orange ‘ Add Component’ button on the top right-hand corner.

There are various ways to search for the component you need into your itinerary.

If you know the name of the component you need, you can search by name of the component. 

Searching for all components in a certain language is also possible.

Ref No.
This allows you to search for a component based on an internal reference number you have assigned to the component.

Here you are able to search for components that have been created either by yourself or any other consultant within your company.

Inserting your Component

Once the correct component has been located click on the component to highlight the option, then click ‘Add Component’. This will add all of the services and content from the component into your itinerary. 

Suggestion: Use this to include recommended activities in an area when you are not booking activities for clients. It will save you time and ensure your clients receive loads of information
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