Introduction to the Itinerary Builder

The Itinerary Builder will change the way you offer travel to your clients through an easy-to-use online program that is highly visual.  Here we will introduce the Itinerary Builder and its uses.

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What is the Itinerary Builder
Why should I use the Itinerary Builder?
How does the Itinerary Builder work?
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Using the Itinerary Builder

What is the Itinerary Builder?

The Itinerary Builder is a tool built specifically for the tourism industry.  It is designed to keep Tour Operators and Agents at the cutting edge as the travel industry continues to move online.  

This simple online Itinerary Builder allows Tourism Agencies to manage and distribute their offerings (itineraries) online and offline by using the Wetu database to create your client's dream itinerary with a savvy, modern online feel.  

We make building an itinerary as simple as possible, and when you are done you can:

  • Send to clients via a link online
  • Print out the itinerary on paper
  • Save the itinerary on the Wetu system for future edits
  • Copy Existing Itineraries to use again for future clients  

With the Itinerary Builder you are using a vast, already created and managed database.  You don't need to worry about updating any of your product content, it's all there for you already.

The Itinerary Builder leaves you with a travel plan that is dynamic, highly visual and easy to navigate for both you and your clients. 

Why should I use the Itinerary Builder?

  • Visual content sells
  • Customisable to your brand with logos, pictures and the ability to add your own content, if needed
  • Easy for all levels of Internet users
  • Interactive content for your clients
  • Professional display
  • Easy to edit and change itineraries
  • Content for properties already provided on the Wetu system database 
  • Continue to be a leader in the travel industry online

How does the Itinerary Builder work

The Itinerary Builder works by using a database of information with a simple online program that allows you to pick and choose content, maps and activities as you see necessary.  

The Wetu system is "in the cloud" so all you need to do is login - no installation, no updating, just sign up and sign in.  Logging in is as simple as accessing your email, all the information is stored by us (just like Google stores your email).  

When you log into your Dashboard and Itinerary Builder you'll be given a template of information to fill out and select.  Each Tab will allow you to fill in standard details and then choose unique options for your individual clients.

Below is an example of your Tab options with the Itinerary Builder.  

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Using the Itinerary Builder

If you are already registered and ready to begin using your Itinerary Builder, head over to our Building an Itinerary in Wetu HelpDoc.

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