Suppliers: How do I Customise Supplier Images (Hybrid Content)

Every image tells a story. Being a digital system, your Wetu Itinerary focuses on high-quality images. Customising the Images for the hotels and activities will help you to stand-out from your competitors. 

This feature is available on the Enterprise Packages only

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Video Tutorial: Adding Your Own Images to Showcase Your Perspective

Getting Started

You will need to be logged into your Dashboard and click on 'Admin', the first tab from the top. 

From there, select the 'Suppliers' Tab to start customising your images. 

The list that displays in your Suppliers Tab is populated by what is added to your itineraries in your Accommodation Step of the Itinerary Builder. If you have just started with building itineraries your list will not be as extensive, however, you can expand the list by building itineraries or by adding them manually as explained below. 

Note: You are also able to 'Quick Add' preloaded Wetu activities in this section. Once added, you can customise much like the supplier. 

Adding Suppliers

To add a Supplier, simply search your Suppliers' name in the top right field labelled 'search for products' and a drop-down menu will appear for you to select from. Select the Supplier from the drop-down and click on 'Quick Add' to add it to your page. It will appear at the top of the page initially and later in alphabetical order. 

Customising your images

Click on 'Custom Images' in the Suppliers tab and a new window will open up where you will be able to customise the images for that Supplier. 

'My Collection' allows you to choose what images you would like to display for this Supplier. You can use images that the Supplier has uploaded or you can upload your own by clicking on 'Add Image'. 

To include images in 'My Collection' that the Supplier has loaded, navigate to the Supplier Images and click on the arrow icon and this will move the Supplier images into your collection above. The preview icon will allow you to have a better look at the images before moving them into 'My Collection'. 

Note: the first 3 images that you use are vital, as these 3 images are what is displayed in most of your outputs. You can rearrange the images in 'My Collection' simply by dragging and dropping the images. 

Once you have loaded, selected and arranged the images that you would like to use for this Supplier, you need to choose if you would only like to display the images in My Collection or the images loaded by the Supplier as well. 

Once done editing, your Supplier will display a green tick next to 'Custom Images' next to your selected Supplier. 

Note: The images that you customise will be available only to your account. They won't affect the original property listing or anyone else who is also making use of the property in another account. 

Please ensure that you have permission from the Content Owner to ensure that there are no copyright issues when itineraries are distributed. Wetu is not responsible should any issues occur.

Video Tutorial: Adding Your Own Images to Showcase Your Perspective

Music courtesy of Bensound

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