Accommodation: How do I add a Multi-Day Tour

Some of our clients build Day Tours for the sole purpose of publishing them, making them available for other clients to add into their itineraries, saving time and ensuring that clients have accurate details of tours that they would otherwise put together on their own. Depending on your package, you may have access to pre-build your own Multi Day Tours for your company as well to either use within your Builder or publish for other client's to have access. This article will take you through the process of adding a pre-built Multi-Day Tour to your itinerary.

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Getting Started
Adding the Multi-Day Tour
Types of Tours
How to search for a Multi-Day Tour
Making changes to the Multi-Day Tour

Getting Started

To add the Multi-Day Tour you will need to be in the Accommodation Step of building your itinerary.

Adding the Multi-Day Tour

In the Accommodation Step, click on the 'Plus' icon and then ‘Add Component’. 

Types of Tours

You will be able to choose between Components and Multi-Day Tours. Select Multi-Day Tours and all of the published tours will be listed along with your company built ones (if you have the functionality). 

How to Search for a Multi-Day Tour

Within the Multi-Day Tour browser, you will be able to search for a Multi-Day Tour using a few different methods:

Click on the 'Operators' drop-down menu and select the provider company name from the provided list. 

In the 'Search' field you are able to search for the Multi-Day Tour by name directly, should you know the name of the tour.

Note: a list of all Multi-Day Tours that have been published by Day Tour Operators will be listed in this browser. To find the Multi-Day Tours that have been created in your account, click on the 'Operators' drop-down menu and select your company name from the list of operators. This will filter out only your Multi-Day Tours. 

Making changes to the Multi-Day Tour

Now that you have added your desired Multi-Day Tour to the itinerary, you are able to rearrange the order of travel or delete certain aspects of the tour should it not be applicable to the current itinerary you are building.

This will delete a specific accommodation from the itinerary. The Route Builder and the Planner will be affected by this change. 

Should the stay be in a different order, you should be able to rearrange it by clicking on the letter ( A, B, C … ) next to the property name. Hold for 3 seconds and then drag to rearrange as needed.

Wetu Suggests: Any changes in the Accommodation Step will affect the Route Builder and the Planner. If you are concerned about the changes, copy the itinerary and make changes to the new one, allowing you to have the old one available should something go wrong. 


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