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When clients arrive really early or depart really late, you may need to book a room for them even though they will not technically be there for the whole night. In Wetu, we would add this as a Day Room, rather than a normal accommodation so that the dates will be correct. The below will show you the process.

This functionality is available in all Operator Packages

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Getting Started

After logging into Wetu, select the 'Itinerary Builder' from your Dashboard. 

This will open up the Virtual Itinerary Builder where you are able to choose to either create a new itinerary or edit an existing itinerary. How to Build a Basic Itinerary in Wetu will take you through the process of building an itinerary should you need more information on how to build one.  

Note: Should you need to add a Day Room to an existing itinerary you will have to select the desired itinerary from the list of itineraries in the Itinerary Browser.

Day Rooms are not added in the Accommodation Step as you may expect. The Day Room is added in the Planner Step of the Itinerary Builder.

How to Add a Day Room

In order to add a Day Room to your itinerary, select ‘Add Day Room’.

This will open a pop-up screen where you are able to add the Hotel and all of the relevant details. Select ‘Save Details’ to save the information and add it to the Itinerary. The various fields are explained below. 

Day Room Accommodation 
Here up can search for the hotel you are booking as you type the name of the hotel the system will show the relevant hotels for you to choose. 

Room Type
Add the rooms type that you have booked for their use. If the hotels have room types loaded you will be able to select from the drop-down, alternatively, you can add using free text. 

Room Configuration 
Here you can add in the configuration of the room that you have booked. This may very well be different to the overnight accommodation so it is best to specify.  

Number of Rooms 
By making use of the plus '+' and minus '-' you can indicate the number of rooms you have booked for that particular Room Type. 

+Add Row 
Selecting this will add another row for you to add additional room types for larger bookings.

Delete Row 
If you have added too many rows for the rooms you can either leave them blank or delete the row. This will delete the bottom row on the list. 

Adding the reference here will make it available for clients on the printable itinerary, the summary, the vouchers and in the app (if you have access to this feature). 

How the Day Room will be Displayed

Virtual Itinerary

Digital Itinerary

Printable Itinerary

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