Accommodation: How Can I Rearrange my Accommodations

Travel can be very unpredictable and often requires changes in the travel plans. This document will help you to rearrange the accommodation should travel plans change. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Getting Started 
How to Rearrange your accommodation

Getting Started

In order to rearrange the order of the Accommodation in your itinerary, you will need to be in the Accommodation Step of the Itinerary Builder.

How to Rearrange your Accommodation

To rearrange the order of the accommodation you will need to go to the section you want to move, click on the Alphabet letter (A,B, C…) and hold for 3 seconds.

You will notice the property name will go bold, which means you can now drag it to where you need it to appear in the itinerary.

Note: You will only need to reconfigure the routes in the  Route Builder Step for all of the sections in the Accommodation Step you have rearranged. 
Note: The routes that have been configured in the Route Builder will remain unchanged as long as the Start and End destination (Accommodation) retains its original sequence in the Accommodation Step. 
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