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Wetu's view notification function allows you to track the itinerary views on all the itineraries you build and send out to clients. If Viewing Notifications is set to always, first view only, or first view per client, the system will send e-mail notifications to alert you when an itinerary is viewed according to your preferences. You can also disable viewing notifications. 

This article explains the different viewing notification settings. It will also detail how to customise viewing notification settings per individual user or identity.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages.

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Getting Started
Setting up Viewing Notification for your Itinerary
What e-mail address will viewing notifications go to?
Viewing Notifications per User
Viewing Notifications per Identity

Getting Started

In the Itinerary Builder, find the itinerary which you want to set viewing notifications for. Then navigate to Step 6: Additional Details

Setting up Viewing Notification for your Itinerary

In Step 6 you will find the Viewing Notifications function located in the bottom right of the Itinerary Builder screen.

The Viewing Notification drop-down menu provides 4 options:  


This means that every time the client views the itinerary you sent them you will get a notification saying that they viewed it i.e even the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc time the same client opens your itinerary.

First View Only

With this setting you get a notification only for the first time the itinerary is viewed. Use this if you are sending the itinerary to only one client and you only want a notification of the first view.

First View per Client

With this setting you get a notification each time the itinerary is viewed on a different internet browser. Use this if you are sending the itinerary to only to group of clients and you want to know that all clients in the group have viewed your itinerary.

You will never get a view notification which means you will not know if the itinerary was looked at or not. 

What e-mail address will viewing notifications go to?

Viewing notifications are sent to the email address of the user who created the itinerary

If an identity is used (re-branded itinerary) then the email is sent to the user who created the itinerary AND the email under the identity. If there is no user email address under the user details then the company email address will be used. If there is no email address entered anywhere, then no notification will be sent. 

The notification is sent on a Digital Itinerary when the landing page is clicked on - if a link to the any other page of the Digital Itinerary is opened, no notification is sent. 

For a Virtual Itinerary, the user must interact with the Virtual Itinerary i.e. click on some part of it before a notification is sent. It is not sufficient just to open/scroll over the Virtual Itinerary.

Viewing notification e-mails will include  Geolocation information of where the itinerary was viewed, but the IP Address Geolocation is not exact and this could cause some strange results. The IP addresses, which we use to show the location of where an itinerary was viewed, do not always map neatly to physical locations. This is because the client's Internet Service Provider could be routing their servers through another area/country. 

Viewing Notifications per user

You can control who in your team will receive the view notifications from the Admin tab on the Dashboard.

Click on Admin and select the Users tab.

For each user in your team, you can tick or untick Send Itinerary Viewed Notifications. This will apply to all itineraries with this users details. 

Viewing Notifications per Identity

The final way to manage your email notifications is through the Identity. 

Note: Not all packages have this functionality, please make sure it applies to your package.

Open the Admin function and move to the Identities tab. Select Edit on the Identity you would like to set viewing notifications for. 

The Identity Settings tab will open, scroll to the bottom. Here you can tick the Send Itinerary Viewed Notifications to receive them, or untick them to turn them off. This will apply to all itineraries with this Identity. Notifications will be sent to the User that created the itinerary and the email address loaded on the identity. 

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