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Adding pictures to your listing will provide travellers with a visual representation of your product, making it easier for them to envision themselves enjoying your facilities whilst on their dream vacation. Pictures speak louder than words. This article will guide you through the process of adding images to your listing as well as provide you with recommended image sizes so that you can load the best images for your listing. 

This functionality is available on all Supplier Packages

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Getting Started
Loading Pictures
Where the Images are displayed on the iBrochure

Getting Started

Once your product or products have been linked to your account, you will find them under 'Your Content' (at the bottom of your Dashboard - depending on the functions available on your Dashboard, you might have to scroll down to see your listing).

Note: If you have an iBrochure, it will sit under Enhanced Listing while Free Listings will sit under Your Listings.

Click on the 'Product Name' of your listing (in green) or 'Edit' to update your listing and 'View on Map' to see where your product is located on the Wetu Map. 

The link to your iBrochure will also be available for you to copy. This is the link you use when distributing your iBrochure. 

When you click 'Edit' an Update Form will open with a Menu on the left for you to add all of your relevant content. Under Content click on 'Pictures' to add your images.

Loading Pictures

Guidelines are available for you to follow as you upload your Images, as well as, a few useful tips to take into consideration so that travellers can get the full effect from the pictures you have added to your listing.

A few things to remember when uploading pictures:

  • The minimum size on the image should be 500KB.
  • Ideal image size should be > 2MB.
  • Min 648 x 432 resolution.
  • Upload landscape images rather than portrait images – most screens are twice as wide as they are high.
  • The first 3 images show in the Digital Itinerary and the Printable Itinerary.
  • Get into the destination (destination = wildlife, beach, mountains, city etc) 
  • Use a separate picture (cropped 2:1) for your Splash page (add under Appearance) – this is the landing page of the iBrochure. If you do not make a specific image as the Splashpage, the image at the top of your image list will automatically be the splash page.
  • Room images are growing more important in searches so be sure to add images to your Room Types.
  • Activities are now linked directly to the itinerary builder and can take more than one image.

Recommended Images Sizes 

Suppliers: Image Size: File Size:
Hotel Images
minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 minimum: 550KB | ideal: > 2MB
Room Images
minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 minimum: 550KB | ideal: > 2MB
Activity Images
minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 minimum: 550KB | ideal: > 2MB
Restuarant Images
minimum: 648 x 432 | Ideal: 1080 x 720 minimum: 550KB | ideal: > 2MB
Splash Page
minimum: 1440 x 500 | Ideal: 1920 x 768 minimum: 550KB | ideal: > 2MB
Cover Image
minimum: 1440 x 900 | Ideal: 1920 x 1080 minimum: 550KB | ideal: > 2MB

Adding Images
To add a picture, click on ‘Add New Picture’. This will allow you to upload images that have been saved on your computer.

Note: The system will give you a warning highlighted in red should the image you load be too small.

Labels and Credits
You will be required to credit the photographer’s name for each of the pictures which you have uploaded in order to save them to your listing. This is due to copyright laws.

The label appears on the image in the iBrochure

Can be shown with the image in the iBrochure

Photographer Credit
This is for images that require you to credit the photographer’s name

Changing the display order of the images
To change the order in which the images are going to be displayed in the iBrochure, click, hold and drag the image to the correct position. 

Finally, before you ‘Save’, you will need to select the permissions tick box. This is to confirm that you have the necessary legal rights to use the images. 

Note: Basic Free Listings are limited to 6 images and 50 images can be uploaded to an Enhanced Listing.

Where the Images are displayed on the iBrochure 

When you view your iBrochure, the pictures uploaded will display under 'Gallery'.

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