Adding Content: Loading Youtube Videos

Adding Videos to your listing is a great way to show your listing in a real-time representation to travellers. This article will guide you through the process of adding YouTube videos to your listing and where they will display on your iBrochure.

This functionality is only available on all iBrochures

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Getting Started 
Loading Videos
How and Where Videos Will be Displayed on Your iBrochure

Getting Started

Once your listing or listings have been linked to your account, you will find them under 'Your Content' at the bottom of your Dashboard.

Note: If you have an iBrochure, it will sit under Enhanced Listing while Basic Free Listings will sit under Your Listings.

Click on the 'Product Name' of your listing (in green) or 'Edit' to update your listing and 'View on Map' to see where your product is located on the Wetu Map. 

The link to your iBrochure will also be available for you to copy. This is the link you use when distributing your iBrochure. 

When you click 'Edit' an Update Form will open with a Menu on the left-hand side for you to add all of your relevant content. Under Content select 'Videos' to add your text.

Loading Videos

Videos are a great way to show off your listing in a wider scope that pictures cannot. Here you are able to link videos from YouTube to your listing.   

Note: Please ensure that the YouTube channel you are linking from does not have Google Ads on it as these can advertise a holiday to the other side of the world.  Also, check to see that the video you are uploading is not restricted to certain geographies and that it is not set to Private.

Select 'Add New YouTube Video' and paste the YouTube URL into the 'YouTube Video Link' field. Add a Label and Description and hit Save.

How and Where Videos Will be Displayed on Your iBrochure 

Your uploaded videos will display under 'Videos' in the 'Gallery' section once you view your iBrochure.

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