Accommodation: How do I add a Scheduled Departure (Sample Itineraries only)

As a traveller, there is nothing more frustrating than getting to a destination or attraction only to be told that due to seasonal conditions the site is closed or that the maximum allotted visitors have been reached. Scheduled departures are a great way to plan for such occasions.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Adding Scheduled Departures
Scheduled Departures Outputs
Video Tutorial: Display Scheduled Departures & Rates on Sample Itineraries

Getting Started

The option to add scheduled departures will only be available in Sample Itineraries. You will either have to build a new Sample Itinerary or edit an existing Sample Itinerary.

Adding Scheduled Departures

In the Accommodation Step of building your Itinerary, you will need to click on the ‘Manage Scheduled Departures’ button on the top right-hand side.

This will open the 'Manage Scheduled Departures' screen where you are now able to update the departure details.

Start Date
Enter the date on which the trip starts. This could be entered by free text or by selecting the date from the calendar icon.

Select the currency you will be selling the trip in. This will be the default currency for all Scheduled Departures. It’s an all or nothing setting so you are not able to sell different currencies in one trip.

From / Is
How you will set the price? Will the price start from (taxes and extras not calculated in the price yet) or is it a set price that cannot increase? This is also a once-off setting for all Scheduled Departures.

The price of the trip is entered here. This can change per departure.

Note: If you have inserted any spaces into your amounts, the system will not allow you to save. You will need to insert amounts without spaces in order to save your Scheduled Departures.

Price Basis
This is what your prices are based on.

Add Departure
This will add the scheduled departure to your Itinerary.  

End Date
This will automatically calculate. Should you have already added accommodation and added the nights spent at each then the calculation will be based on the nights. If you have not added any accommodation then it will calculate one day from the start date.

Clicking on the trash bin icon will delete the Scheduled Departure and you can reconfigure it. You are not able to edit it if you have made a mistake.

Note: Adding the accommodation after you have configured the Scheduled Departures can be done as Wetu will automatically recalculate and update the end dates.

Trip Details
Price, Includes, Excludes and T’s & C’s pull through from the Itinerary Details stage. If you haven’t added any information in the previous step then you can do that here.

Scheduled Departures Outputs

Digital Itinerary

Printable Itinerary

Note: Scheduled Departures do not show on the Virtual Itinerary (Map View) for Virtual Lite packages.

Video Tutorial: Display Scheduled Departures & Rates on Sample Itineraies

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