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This article will take you through what the Agent Access is, how it’s used and when it can be used.

This functionality is only available on the Digital Enterprise Package

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What is the Agent Access
Additional Details 
Copying the Link 
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What is the Agent Access

The Agent Access link is generally used by DMC’s and Tour Operators who build some itineraries with the intention of sharing with other Operators (Travel Agents) mainly for those who do not have a Wetu account. The Agent Access gives the Travel Agent the ability to make some changes to the itinerary before forwarding it to their clients or they can simply forward it without making any changes.

Note: This option can only be enabled upon request and is available on Digital Enterprise Operator Packages only

Additional Details

In order for you to generate the Agent Access link,  you will need to go to the Additional Details Step of the Itinerary Builder.

Copying the Link

With Agent Access enabled in your account, the link will generate at the bottom left of your page under a field ‘Agent Access’ each time you create an itinerary. This is the link you copy and send to your Operators.

Wetu Suggests: We recommend that you make a copy of the original itinerary before sending the Agent Access link to your operators. Any changes made will overwrite your original.

Changes the Agent Access Link Allows

Though the Agent Access link allows one to make changes to an itinerary without logging into a Wetu account, the changes are limited. This is to protect some of the information you may not want to have changed but also to make sure that any sensitive details you wish to keep in the itinerary remain unchanged.

Itinerary Details 

Below we have listed the various details that can be amended as required within the Itinerary Details Step. 

Note: The Itinerary Details can also be amended in the Review Step under the section 'Itinerary Overview'

Itinerary Name
Agents can rename the Itinerary

Client Name
They can change the name for the clients allowing them to personalise it for any potential client

They can set the language for the itinerary

They can put a different introduction to the trip

Add Documents
Additional documents can be added to the itinerary or removed

All Wetu outputs are accessible including sending the itinerary to clients unbranded ( useful for those operators who do not have identities included in their packages)

Pricing Details
The pricing information can be changed as well as what is Included and Excluded in  the trip and the Terms and Conditions for the itinerary. 

Special Interest 
Can be added or removed as appropriate

Route Builder

In the Route Builder Step, you are able to to make changes to the route your clients will be travelling as well as adding additional details such as:

  • Add and Remove Car Hire
  • Add Transfer Details


The Review Step is a roundup and summary of all the details entered while building an itinerary and gives you an overview of all completed fields.

The Review Step is standard within Wetu, therefore, the same editing functions apply and the other party is able to make equivalent changes.

Itinerary Overview

  • Client Email
  • Client Telephone number
  • Branding ( if included in your package )
  • Travellers Names
  • Add and Remove Important Contacts
  • Room Type, Basis, Drinks

Travel Details

  • Add or Remove Car Hire Details
  • Update Flight Details
  • Update Transfer Details

Daily Information

  • Day Itinerary Notes
  • Expert Tips
  • Daily Includes, Excludes and Basis
  • Update Voucher Details for Activities
Note: No additional activities or accommodation can be added to the itinerary. Only the superficial details can be changed.
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