Route Builder: How do I Load Boats Routes

Cruises, Ferries and even short day activities can all be loaded in Wetu. Boats don't always stick to the same route, so it is hard to have them all preloaded. In this document, you will be taken through the process of adding and building your own Custom Boat Routes in your Itinerary.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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How to Reverse a Custom Route
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Getting Started

After logging into Wetu, select the 'Itinerary Builder' from your Dashboard. 

This will open up the Virtual Itinerary Builder where you are able to choose to either create a new Itinerary or edit an existing Itinerary.  How to Build a Basic Itinerary in Wetu will take you through the process of building an Itinerary should you need more information on how to build one.  

Route Builder

In order to add a boat trip or cruise to your Itinerary, you will need to build the route in the Route Builder Step of your Itinerary.

Note: If the cruise is an accommodation, it is added in the Accommodation Step, however, building the route remains similar.  Here is a document with more information on this. 

Adding the Boat Mode of Transport
From the drop-down list next to Mode, select 'Boat'. This will open the 'Fixed Route List - Boat' browser screen.

The list of routes displayed here are fixed routings for the most popular boat trips in tourist destinations, however, in most cases, you will have to add a Custom Route.

Note: Boat (No Route) is a boat trip with no routing and will not display a route on your Virtual Itinerary.

Adding a Custom Route
Adding a Custom Route, you will need to select ‘Custom Route’ at the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will open the 'Custom Route Builder - Boat' screen with the stops of travel you have selected for the boat travel.

To start building the route, you will be able to click on the map to start drawing your custom route from point A to point B. Once you start clicking on the map the line between the two points will move as you select a new routing.  

On the top right-hand corner, you are able to remove the previous point created or clear all points you have added. To save the custom route select the ‘Okay’ at the bottom.

Note: Zooming in and out allows you to ensure that the custom route you have added does not cross overland but stays sea-bound.

On Route Builder, you will now see that the Custom Route you have built is being displayed on the Map preview.

How to Reverse a Custom Route

In the instance where you need to return to the same accommodation or destination as before, you are able to select the Custom Route that you have built to take you back to your starting point, eg. Cape Town harbour - Durban harbour - back to Cape Town Harbour. To load your existing Custom Route, simply select "Load Existing Route" at the bottom right of the screen on the return journey. 

How the Boat Route will be displayed on the Itinerary 

In the Digital or Virtual Itinerary output that you send to your clients, the route that you have built as Custom Route will be displayed in the Map overview of the Itinerary.

Wetu Suggests: When building a cruise or boat in the Itinerary it is only available for that specific Itinerary. If you use that cruise often, build it as a  Component and add it into your Itineraries. This way you only build the route once but can use it multiple times.
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