How to activate a Mobile Website

Here we will teach you how to request a Mobile Website from Wetu and how to activate your Mobile Website.

In this article:

Signing up for a Mobile Website from your Dashboard
Contact Wetu
Meeting the requirements
Setting up your Mobile Website

Signing up for a Mobile Website from your Dashboard

Mobile Websites are becoming increasingly important for accommodation establishments. Wetu has developed  a simple, cost effective Mobile Website solution to help these establishments cater for this fast growing channel.

For more information on why Mobile Websites are important head over to our  Why are Mobile Websites Important.

To sign up, log into your Dashboard and click on the blue icon Get Mobile Website. 

Note:  If you have not yet signed up for Wetu you can easily learn more about and sign up for our Free Listing by clicking here

Contact Wetu

When you click on Get Mobile Website, a pop up screen will appear that allows you to fill in further details.

Your information will be sent through to Wetu and someone will get back to you shortly with further requirements, please be patient.  

Note: If you have not hear back from us within 24 hours please send an email through to

Meeting the requirements

You have to have a website already which ends with a or .com it can't be .com/myguesthouse

The following minimum CONTENT requirements are needed to complete the request for a Mobile Website:

  • Main description
  • 6 Pictures
  • Room Types
  • Facilities
  • Contact Details

Note: Your Mobile Website will not function without these basic fields.

Setting up your Mobile Website 

You need to register a sub-domain with your domain provider.  Once you have received an email stating that your Mobile Website has been activated you will need to insert some code into the backend of your website.  

Note: If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, you will need a web developer to help you.  This process should only take a professional developer a few minutes.  

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