Options: How do I use Machine Translations

Wetu offers Machine Translations to enable you to offer your products in other languages without huge amounts of set up. 

We are taking a phased approach to the release and support of the various languages in the system. Currently, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian and Portuguese Machine Translations are available .

This feature is available on all Operator tiers

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Using Machine Translations
Content affected by Machine Translations
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Getting Started

From your Dashboard click on Admin, the first tab from the top of your Dashboard. 

In the Options Tab, you will need to scroll to the Languages section and select the checkboxes next to the Machine Translation languages you want to enable

Once you have selected the Machine Translations you want, scroll down and click Update

The system will confirm your changes with this message:

Note: Machine Translations do not apply to Beta languages.

Note: Once you have enabled the translations, all descriptions loaded by the suppliers will have machine translations reflect in your account within a few minutes. Your customised content will take longer to reflect as the machine translations will only start to run on your account when you enable this functionality. 

Using Machine Translations

In the Suppliers Tab, when you click on Description there will be an indicator in the top right-hand corner to let you know if the English Description was loaded by the Supplier or if it has been customised by you.

If you navigate to a specific language tab, the relevant translation will show. The 3rd party translation system uses the English description as the basis for the translation. 

These Machine Translations will not overwrite any translations you or a Supplier have already entered in the system. Machine Translations will behave as described in the following scenarios, using German translation as an example:

The Supplier has only entered English Description and you have not customised it:
The German will then be a Machine Translation of the Supplier Description 

The Supplier has entered a German translation of their English Description and you have not customised it:

The German Description will remain the translation loaded by the Supplier because Machine Translations will not override existing translations. 

The Supplier has only entered English Description and you have customised it:

The German will then be a Machine Translation of your English Description 

In addition to just the main Description translating for a Supplier, all the supporting Descriptions (Room Types, Unit Types, Product Activities, Restaurants, etc) will also translate.

Note: If Machine Translations are not displaying in your account, please contact our support team to enable them for you

Content affected by Machine Translations

Machine Translations affect all Supplier descriptions, Destinations Descriptions and Country Descriptions.

Content that is entered by you in the Itinerary Builder, such as Day Notes and Price, will not be translated by Machine Translation. This content will still need to be translated manually by you before sending it to your client.

Machine Translations in Outputs

Translations are available on the following outputs:

  • Digital Itineraries (Personal and Sample)
  • Virtual Itineraries (Personal and Sample)
  • Printable Itineraries (Personal and Sample)
  • Agent Access
  • TravelKey (iOS and Android)
  • Rebranded iBrochure

Translations are not available on the following outputs:

  • Original iBrochure
  • Components (Day and Multiday Components)
  • Day Tours (Day and Multiday Tours)
  • Embed Widget
  • Content and Itinerary API
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