Calendar: How to use the Calendar and create/edit Reminders

Calendar is an exceptional tool that keeps track of your booked itineraries giving you a general overview of daily information like day to day activities, overnight and day room accommodations as well as transfers for the duration of the trip. You are able to set important reminders for yourself and other consultants with confirmed itineraries within your account. Calendar will keep you up-to-date with your clients' experiences as they happen. 

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages but only Personal Itineraries whose status is either 'Booked', 'Travelled', or 'Paid' will show

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Video Tutorial: Managing Your Itinerary Status

Getting Started

To access this functionality, you will need to be logged into your Dashboard and select 'Calendar'.

Note: The itinerary status needs to be set to either 'Booked', 'Traveled' or 'Paid' in order for itineraries to show in your Calendar. Otherwise, there will be a pop up instructing you on the next steps. The status of itineraries can be changed in the Browser of the Itinerary Builder.

In the pop-up, you can either select 'Visit Itinerary Builder' to change the status of itineraries in your Browser or continue to 'View Calendar'. 

Consultant Calendars and Details

On the left-hand side of your Calendar, you will find all the consultants with a user profile in your account listed. Tick the checkbox beside the consultant whose booked itineraries you would like to view in your Calendar. 

Selecting more than one consultant will add the initials beside the itinerary names to help you distinguish which itineraries belong to which consultant.

Note: If multiple consultants are selected, all the initials entered in the Personal Details section will show on the calendar.  
Wetu Suggests: If some of the consultants in your account have the same initials, we suggest that your consultants have their full names under their user details for further distinction in the Calendar.

You can also tell which itineraries belong to which consultant once you click on the itinerary trip information card. 

Colour Scheme
The itineraries in your Calendar have been assigned contrasting colours to simplify your browsing needs. You are able to see the duration of an itinerary from the day it starts to the day it ends through the application of these colours. The itinerary name will also appear when you hover over the colours, an instant way for you tell your itineraries apart.

Trip Information  
To view details of your booked itineraries, click on an itinerary and a trip information card will appear. This card indicates all the services you included in the itinerary in the Builder; accommodation, activities, transport, and more. On days without any activity, the overview will simply show '~Day at Leisure~'.

The double arrows will navigate you straight to either the first or last day of the itinerary.

Trip Overview 
Select 'View Overview' to see a summary of where your client will be. This includes overnight accommodations, alternative accommodations as well as day rooms. These details will also include the dates and number of nights spent at each stay.

Preview Itinerary
Select 'Preview Itinerary' to open the preview of the itinerary as your client would see it when you send them the link from your Builder or Itinerary Browser. This is a convenient way to have a look at your booked itineraries directly from your Calendar for a comprehensive overview of the trip, confirming that all is in order and displaying correctly.

Click 'Dashboard' on the top left corner to exit Calendar and return to your Dashboard.

Creating Reminders

You are able to set reminders for yourself as well as other consultants on anything you wish to be reminded of either before the start/end or after the start/end of the trip. Whether it is collecting documentation required for you to make certain reservations or reminding the client to pay off an invoice, reminders can be applied to all your booked itineraries.

On the top right corner is the 'Create Reminder' button that opens a pop up for you to enter all necessary details of what you would like to be reminded of, when you wish to receive the reminder (before the start/end of itinerary or after the start/end of itinerary) as well as select which consultants must receive the created reminders.

Tick the 'Select all consultants' checkbox for all consultants to receive the reminder you set up or tick the checkbox beside each consultant name to specify the consultant/s you wish to receive the reminder.

Tip: To receive reminders, ensure that consultant email addresses are updated under the respective user profiles. Refer to this article  to manage user details.

Editing Reminders

Once you set up one or a few reminders, an option for you to 'Edit Reminders' will appear on the top right corner next to the 'Create Reminder' option. Here you can either update your reminders or delete them permanently.

Points to Note

  • Reminders can be created, edited and viewed by all users, irrespective of user rights.
  • Reminders will be sent via email to the email address in the Personal Details section.

Receiving Reminders
When a reminder you set up in your Calendar is due, you will receive an email according to your Reminder Timeframe with the details you specified.

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Video Tutorial: Managing Your Itinerary Status

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