Umapped : How to enable Umapped on your Wetu account

Sharing your Wetu Itineraries with Umapped is a quick and easy process.

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Getting Started
Enabling Umapped on your account
Tagging your itineraries

Getting Started

From your Wetu Dashboard, locate your Admin tab and navigate your way to 'Integrations'.

Enabling Umapped on your account

In 'Integrations', you will find the Umapped option halfway down the screen under 'Distribution'. Select the checkbox and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

Once done, you will then be able to tag your Itinerary as 'Umapped' in the Itinerary Builder. 

Tagging your Itineraries 

After you have enabled 'Umapped' to your account, a Umapped tag that will automatically be added to your list of Tags and Labels in the 'Options' tab. 

This tag will allow you to tag your Itineraries in the 'Additional Details' step of the Builder. 

Once you have tagged an itinerary in Wetu, you can then sign into your Umapped account and follow these easy steps to share your Itineraries on Umapped. Please contact for more information and activation. 

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