Using my iBrochure: Rebranding

Wetu gives you the ability to rebrand your iBrochures. Rebranding means you can add alternate company details and contact information to your iBrochure, ensuring Tour Operators and Travel Agents can use you information easily in their own business.

This functionality is available for all iBrochure Packages

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Adding Identities

Adding Identities

The first thing you will need to do to rebrand your iBrochure is to create and Identity. This is a set of company information for your client, including their company name, contact details and Social Media details. This document will explain further on how to do this.

Changing the Branding

Once you have your iBrochure open, scroll down to the bottom and select the 'Rebranding' dropdown. 

Note: The option to rebrand does not display when you are not logged into your Wetu account.

The Dropdown menu will show the following options:

Your Company
This will display your company logo, contact details as well as your documents.

This is only relevant if you are logged into a Wetu account that does not own the iBrochure. In this situation, it will revert back to the iBrochure owners' contact information, logo and documents.

This will remove all branding from the iBrochure, including contact details and logo, however, will still show the iBrochure owners documents. 

Example of Ellerman House iBrochure with Original Branding

And here is the same iBrochure rebranded with Wetu Details:

And here it is with no branding (notice the contacts tab has fallen away):

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