Rebranding an Itinerary (White Labeling)

Here we will teach you how to rebrand your itinerary with one of your client's branding ( Logo & contact details).

In this article:

Adding an Identity in Admin
Selecting a brand's Identity in the Itinerary Builder
Unbranded Itineraries

From your Dashboard click on Admin and then the Identities tab. Select the black  Create Identity icon to the right of the page 

A new page will open up where you can capture the Identity's details - These details will appear on the itinerary when you select the Identity. 

The best shape logo is 3:1, 3 times as wide as high.

Here is more information on Cobranding. If 'Send Itinerary Viewed Notifications' is selected, the email address listed will receive a notification when the itinerary is viewed. 

Remember to Update.

Selecting a brand's Identity in the Itinerary Builder

Once you have already created an  Identity in Admin, you can easily select your it in Itinerary Builder.

Open your Virtual Itinerary Builder and in the first tab, Itinerary Details (Page 1), you will select your preferred Identity in the Branding drop down menu.  When you open the Itinerary it will have your client's branding on it.

Unbranded Itineraries

If you would like to send an itinerary with no branding on it, you can do with with the Virtual and Digital Itinerary. On the last step of the itinerary builder, click on the cog next to the itinerary link and a pop-up will appear. 

On this pop-up, you must select Unbranded Itinerary, and copy the new link:

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