Tourplan: How to Set up your Wetu/Tourplan NX Message Template

This document will help you understand how to set up your XML message template inside of Tourplan as well as how to generate the Itinerary message code out of Tourplan. 

This functionality is only available to Digital Enterprise clients with an existing Tourplan account

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Getting Started 
Step 1: Setting up your Wetu Messaging Template
Step 2: Upload

Getting Started

After receiving your XML message template from Wetu, you will need to use this document to create a new Tourplan messaging template.

Step 1: Setting up your Wetu messaging template

Open up Code Setup and go to messaging. Open message definitions, and click on the insert button. Fill in the sections as follows: 

Code: Create a Wetu code - example - WETU
Description: Describe what message code this is - example - Wetu Messaging Template
Type: Set this to - Booking XML message
Editing Destination: None  

Please make sure you set up the template as Type - Booking XML as per the screenshot (Your code and description can be as you wish).

Step 2: Upload

Once you have created the template in NX, click on the upload button to upload the document attached to this email.

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