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In some situations the default Header End of Itinerary is not a suitable title for the last day of the Itinerary or Component you are creating. This may be the case if you have activities booked for the last day or if the travel arrangements to get home are not included in the itinerary. Wetu offers some alternative headings which can be set in Step 4 of the Itinerary Builder. 

This article explains how to change the header and what parts of the Virtual and Digital Itinerary are affected by the change.

This functionality is available on all Operator Packages

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Getting Started
Changing the Last Day of Itinerary Header
What Changes on My Itinerary?

Getting Started

From your Dashboard, navigate to the Itinerary Browser by clicking on Itinerary Builder. 

Then find the itinerary on which you want to change the Header Title for the last day. Select the itinerary and click on Edit.

Customising the Last Day of Itinerary Header

Navigate to Step 4 of the Itinerary Builder. The individual days for the Itinerary you have built appear at the top of this. Scroll across to the final day using the > button.

When you click on the final day of your Itinerary, a drop-down menu will appear above the day's activities and accommodation. Click on the drop-down menu and select the Header Title that you prefer.

What Changes on My Itinerary?

The Header Title that you select will change in the Map tab on both Virtual and Digital Itineraries, as well as in the Daily Information tab of Digital Itineraries.

Map (Digital & Virtual Itineraries):

Daily Information (Digital Itinerary):

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