Additional Details: How do I Change the Landing Page Images on my Itinerary

When you click through to your Digital Itinerary an image or slideshow of images appears. These images are called Landing Page Images and what appears is determined by the accommodations or destinations you have included in your itinerary or the Landing Page Image uploaded to the theme you are using on your Itinerary. 

If you often use the same accommodations/destinations you might want to be able to change the Landing Page Images. This document will explain how to do this, to keep your Digital Itineraries looking fresh and interesting. 

This functionality is available  to Operators using Digital Lite, Digital Enterprise, and Tourplan integrations.

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Getting Started 
Managing Landing Page Images

Getting Started

To change Landing Page Images you will need to be in the 'Additional Details Step' of the Itinerary Builder.

Managing Landing Page Images

Navigate to the Landing Page Gallery, which appears in the bottom right of the screen

Click on the 'green' button below to upload images. The Landing Page Gallery pop-up window will appear.

Wetu Suggests: Image quality is very important for Landing Page Images to look attractive. The recommended image size is 1920 x 1080 px and between 550 kb and 4 Mb

Uploading Images

New Landing Page Images for your Itinerary can be uploaded in two ways:

  • You can drag and drop images from your computer's file manager onto the drag and drop zone in the Itinerary Builder:

  • Alternatively, you can click on select images and upload images from your computer's file manager by selecting the images (CTRL + select for >1 image) and then clicking open

Note: The images you upload in the Landing Page Gallery have now become the landing page images for your itinerary, they replace all images that would have come from the accommodations and destinations in your itinerary. If you have a Landing Page Cover Image uploaded to the theme you have used for your itinerary it will appear in the Landing Page Gallery. You can Archive it if you do not want it to appear (see Archiving Images below). 

The images will appear in the Landing Page Gallery window. Each image has four icons on it.

The top-left icon is the info button. This will provide information about the quality of the image you have uploaded with reference to the suggested 1920 x 1080 px / 550 kb to 4MB size.

The bottom-left icon is the drag or move icon. If you have several landing page images, you can alter the order of their appearance using this drag function.

The green down-arrow second from the right is the archive icon. If, for example, you have a Landing Page Cover Image uploaded to the theme you have used for your itinerary it will appear in the Landing Page Gallery. 

You can Archive it if you do not want it to appear by clicking the archive icon. The image will move into the Archive section below your Landing Page Image gallery. Not sure where to find your Theme's Landing Page Cover Image? refer to this article.

Note: a green up-arrow now appears on the image, so that you can return it to the Landing Page Image Gallery from the Archive should you want to.

The red trash can first from the right is the delete icon. Use this to delete unwanted images from both the Landing Page Image Gallery and the Archive.

Once you have all the images you would like to appear on the landing pages of your itinerary laid out in the desired order in your Landing Page Image Gallery, click Save

A success notification will appear at the top of the Itinerary Builder window

To see what your new Landing Page Image selection looks like on your Itinerary, click on the preview itinerary icon and then click view itinerary.

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