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13 October 2021- How to: showcase your tours with Wetu catalogues

Learn how to showcase and market your tour products using digital catalogues and racks in Wetu. We will show you how to create travel inspiration boards that display your sales and marketing collateral on one link for easy distribution.

20 October 2021- How to: embed your Wetu content onto websites

We will show you how easy it is to pull through Wetu content onto your website or other third-party sites. Also learn how handy the Wetu widget is in ensuring that your website content is up-to-date and customised to accurately represent your brand.

27 October 2021- How to: effectively market your tours built in Wetu

Learn how to use your collateral built in Wetu to enhance the marketing of your tours. We will show you how to use your digital itineraries and Wetu content, along with a few other tricks, to market your tour products effectively.

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