How to create a Hyperlink

Here you will learn how to create a hyperlink and why it is useful when sending out your itineraries, iBrochures and product content from Wetu.

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What is a hyperlink?
How to create a hyperlink

A hyperlink is a reference to data (in this case your Wetu itinerary links) that the client can directly follow either by clicking on or by hovering over.  If a hyperlink is clicked on your client will go directly to the information you want them to see without them having to copy and paste the URL. 

Using a hyperlink is useful when the URL (i.e. is too long or unattractive.

Step 1: Copy the URL

Step 2: Highlight your text 

In your word document or email you'll need to highlight the text you would like to hyperlink.

Step 3: Right-click on the highlighted text 

Right-click on the highlighted text and select Link or Hyperlink (this will depend on the type of mail you are using) in the menu that appears.  

The chain link symbol represents hyperlink in most email programs and you can easily click on the symbol instead of right clicking:

Step 4: Paste the URL in Address pop up or Link pop up 

For gmail the pop up might look like this: 

For Outlook mail the pop up might look like this: 

 For Mac Mail the pop up might look like this: 

Step 5: Click OK

Step 6: Your text will turn blue (or a colour alternative to black) to indicate it has been hyperlinked.

Note: To remove a hyperlink simply delete the blue text and start again.

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